Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tragedy For Monty!

Another Police Officer Shoots Dog: when will it end?

By: N Gilbert

Another victim of a trigger happy cop. This is from the victim's owner, please read and pass the info along.
Original Post:

"Hello. I'm writing here as an aim for justice, or at least exposure. On Saturday 11/10/2012, in East Haddam, Ct, @ Hilltop Bar-b-q, my great Dane, Monty, was shot by police, resulting from an incident with my intoxicated father. I am not here defending his(my father) actions, nor do I care to discuss details other than what happened in relation to the incident to my dog. I want to make clear that from every article, blog, and witness I've spoken to, the police shot and and killed my dog from 15-20ft away, multiple times, in the parking lot of a restaurant in east Haddam. Multiple times, as he was sitting far enough away to easily taser or shoot to incapacitate. There was no need to go that far. I'm begging for support to help expose these monsters for abusing the power of their badge, or at least their bad judgement of the situation. A police officer should be in control 100% of the time, and accountable for their actions. If the officers are incapable of making the right decision, and in this case, sounds like they had enough time for a professional to act in a professional manner, why are they suitable to serve and protect us? If people don't say anything about stuff like this, it will never change. If they were "attacked", I feel the outcome would have played ALOT differently. Think about it. In that, I mean how can he go from 'attack', to sitting 15 ft. away? I am pleading for answers for the sake and honor of my dog. And for anyone else who has had to go through anything even close to this painful. I am left now without the light of my life, MY MONTY."

This is something that seems to be happening weekly with law enforcement. I have my own opinions on it, others think it's okay if a cop feels threatened. Being in law enforcement myself, I DO know the laws and I also know the ignorance and arrogance of cops. This NEEDS to be stopped immediately before more precious lives are lost due to stupidity!

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