Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pet Transportation Info

Available Agencies for Pet Transport

Posted by: O Jefferson

A lot of you get concerned that because you're in a different location that the dog you're seeing on our Facebook page is preventing you from adopting him/her. Well, ever hear of Pet Transport? Pet Transport is a service that offers to pick that pet up for you and transport him/her to your location. For those of you wanting to know the different options of Pet Transportation available, here are some websites for you to check out and see which one you would like to use.

Metro has been ADOPTED!!!

Metro, the little emaciated pittie from NY, has been adopted by the paramedic who saved her!

By: N Gilbert

Life with Dogs - Last month we brought you the story of Metro, the skin-and-bones puppy who was left to freeze outside the door of a Buffalo animal clinic.  The pit bull is now thriving and on her way to her forever home, safe in the loving arms of one of the paramedics who rescued her from certain death.
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