Friday, February 8, 2013

Herbie Update 2.8.13!

Herbie, the Lorain Pit Bull, is gaining weight!

Posted by: N Gilbert

Herbie Update 2.8.13

Via Lorain Animal Clinic:
"Update 2/7/13: Herbie was on the scale today and has gained more weight and is up to 60 pounds. Officer Broz must be really spoiling him on his visits! Herbie is looking forward to his weekend with Officer Broz and is resting up for his trip to "the man cave"!"

What is a Bait Dog?

Bait Dog - The Definition

Posted by: N Gilbert

I have to say, as a true Bully Soldier, the truth should never be too much for a real animal soldier. It's not about shock value, it's about exposing the truth and opening eyes, letting people know what's really going on. This is a war we're fighting and the reality of it is grim. Those who pick and choose what truths they see, aren't truly in it for the animals, in my opinion. Sometimes you have to swallow your emotions, for the greater good of the animals, because their lives are more important than our feelings. So suck it up, Soldiers! Because this IS the reality we are dealing with, in this war.

People ask me this, all of the time, so I am going to cover it again here. Because, it still amazes me how many people are ignorant about this topic.

What is a Bait Dog

A bait dog is basically a punching bag for game (fighting) dogs. Except we all know that dogs don't punch, they bite and tear. Dog fighters use bait dogs to let their game dogs practice mutilating another dog, without being harmed in the process. To insure their dogs aren't damaged, they will either use duct tape to tape the bait dog's mouth shut, or break out their teeth so the bait dog can't fight back. They also either, put them in a pit, or tie them to a tree or pole, so that they can't get away from the game dogs. And I did say dogs, plural, because they generally unleash several dogs on one bait dog at the same time. It makes the game dogs more aggressive, since there is competition.

To me, this about the most horrific form of animal abuse there is. I know that's hard to weigh, because there are so many forms of abuse, but using bait dogs is right up there at the top. The mass majority of bait dogs don't survive, and obviously suffer horrible deaths, spending their last moments in excruciating pain and are scared to death, before it comes. The ones who do survive, are maimed and scarred for life, both physically and emotionally. I have rescued bait dogs, some who hadn't been used yet, and a very few who survived being used. I have to tell you, it's the saddest thing you'll ever see, looking into the soul of a dog who has just been rendered helpless and defenseless, and mutilated by his own kind, at the hand of a human. I have seen these dogs make amazing recoveries and be able to transition into a somewhat normal life. The most famous example of this is Oogy, I'm sure many of you are well familiar with him. If you are not, you need to get his book "Oogy: The Dog Only A Family Could Love" and read up. It is truly an amazing and heart wrenching story. Very motivating too, I must say. If you read some of these books, you will understand why so many of us are so passionate in our fight to save Bullies and stop dog fighting.

A bait dog can be any dog. It could be your dog. Although they (the monsters who use them) prefer to use non-aggressive or submissive Pit Bulls, they will easily use anything they can get for free. When they get Pits who won't fight, or don't fight well, they use them for bait dogs. They are well known for stealing other people's pet Bullies as well. They will take them right out of your yard or fence if they can. But, they will also take any other dog they can get their hands on. When it comes down to it, they need fur, flesh, blood and meat to replicate a dog fight, so anything with all of that is fair game. I have gone in on rescues where we found a Golden Retriever, a Dobie, a GSD, a couple of Chows, a Lab mix, and a small Benji-like dog, who were all to be used as bait. The Golden belong to a neighbor of the dog fighter, and had disappeared a couple of days prior. You can imagine how grateful they were to get him back unscathed. So yes, any dog is a risk of being a bait dog.

Dogs are also used as bait for hunting bears, coyotes and other predatory animals. They even use them as shark bait, but that is whole other topic right there. If people really knew what was going on out there, so many more of them would stand up and do something. That's why it is my job, and yours, to educate them and get them to open their eyes. So they will wake up, get their head out of the sand and stand with us, in our fight to make a difference and change things. This has got to be stopped. The sub-humans who do this must be punished harshly for their actions, not slapped on the wrist, as was Sick vick. We are the only hope and protection these abused animals have against these monsters of our own species. We must stand up for them, and fight back against these abusers. We are the voice of the voiceless and we will not back down, nor will we be silenced or go away....ever! Never Surrender, Never Give Up! They are counting on us......


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