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Stolen Puppy in Peril!

Poor Puppy: stolen pup thrown into a ravine survives!

By: N Gilbert

Osage Beach, Missouri

A puppy who was stolen from a store and then thrown down a ravine by the thieves, was saved by a police officer on Friday afternoon.

Police responded to a call of a pet store in Osage Beach, Missouri who said a young man and a woman had taken a tiny 2-month-old 3 pound Miniature Pinscher. Quick-thinking witnesses followed the couple and managed to take down the license plate number of their black Jeep Cherokee.

Shortly after, a police officer spotted the suspect's car in a Walmart parking lot a block away and confronted the couple. They told officers they had dumped the puppy in a ravine behind the Osage Beach Premium Outlet Mall.

Sgt. Schwenn went looking for the puppy and searched for nearly 2 hours in the ravine until he heard the puppy whimpering. He found her shivering and happy to see him. Sgt. Schwenn said it was sheer luck that the puppy was found, as she would not have survived the night because temperatures were only 37 degrees Fahrenheit and getting colder.

Both suspects were arrested and the 19-year-old man was charged with felony stealing of an animal and the girl, 16, has charges pending.


Animal Rescuers Gone BAD!

So Called Animal Rescuers Committing Abuse!

By: O Jefferson

Operators of a purported animal rescue shelter arrested
Pine Knot, KY (US)

7 dogs found dead, 5 on a burn piled, one puppy on burn pile alive but couldn't lift head, dead dog found that other dogs who were starving were eating. All at Little Angels Rescue in Kentucky.

Tina E. Jones, 36, and Jason Jay Greenfield, 34, both of the Pine Knot, were lodged in the McCreary County Detention Center after authorities served the couple with arrest warrants stemming from an inspection of the Heaven's Little Angels Rescue located at 122 Cherry Lane.

McCreary County Animal Control Officer Milford Creekmore II sought the warrants after he and Judge-Executive Doug Stephens visited the property on Wednesday. Both men had received an increasing number of calls regarding the shelter over the last two weeks.

Judge Stephens said that one of the complaints involved Jones feeding pennies to the dogs as a way to de-worm them.

Stephens says Jones had called him earlier this week asking about requirements to set up a shelter. Yet on the animal web site, it is claimed that "Heavens Little Angels" is just that. Stephens says the establishment had not acquired the proper credentials from the Secretary of State.

While Jones was either not at home or did not come to the door at the time of the inspection Wednesday, Creekmore and Stephens witnessed outside the home several ill dogs, animal waste and even carcasses on a burn pile.

"A total of 7 dead dogs, 5 on a burn pile. There was one pup that was barely alive that couldn't raise its head also on the burn pile," said McCreary County Judge-Executive Doug Stephens.

"A small dog looked like it had been dead several days that was being eaten by several other dogs," Stephens says of the grotesque scene.

As Creekmore's authority is limited to issuing citations, he and Judge Stephens presented County Attorney Michele Wilson Jones with the information needed to obtain the arrest warrants.

The men returned the following afternoon accompanied by McCreary County Sheriff Gus Skinner, Kentucky State Police Trooper Phillip Hayes, Lake Cumberland District Health Department inspector Jarrod Simpson, McCreary County Emergency Management/911 Director Rudy Young, Deputy Judge-Executive Andrew Powell and County Maintenance Supervisor Jake Helton.

As Jones and Greenfield were taken into custody, the group was able to see that conditions inside the residence were as bad if not worse than out in the yard. Animal waste reportedly obstructed the trailer's air vents.

"It couldn't have been healthy for the people or the animals," Stephens said.

Authorities collected a total of 29 dogs and two cats. With Creekmore's vehicle filled to capacity, the Whitley County Animal Control Office assisted in transporting the animals to the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter in Rockholds for assessment. McCreary County does not have its own public shelter.

Jones and Greenfield were lodged in the McCreary County Detention Center on charges of second-degree Cruelty to Animals, which is classified under Kentucky Revised Statutes as a Class A Misdemeanor. A trial date has been scheduled for March 7 in McCreary County District Court.

Meanwhile, Judge Stephens said he would consult with County Attorney Wilson Jones to draft an ordinance expanding the scope of McCreary County Animal Control. "Our purpose is not to harass the public but we need to prevent issues like this from happening again," the judge said.

At press time Jones had been released while Greenfield remained lodged under a $7,500 bond.

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Trooper's Troubles!

Tethered Trooper: how this poor pup survived a moment of terror!

Posted By: N Gilbert

Trooper - NOW!

UPDATE 7/3/13 --

Via Team Trooper:

Hi All! Trooper is still undergoing treatments, including laser therapy. He enjoys time in his foster home and he loves coming to HSMO to "work" and receive his veterinary care. We will continue keep his wonderful fans and supporters informed of the happenings in his life. Thanks for all the love! Follow Trooper's road to recovery on his very own Facebook page! ♥TEAM TROOPER

The Lennox Legacy!

Forever Lennox: how we can help to keep dogs safe from BSL!

By: N Gilbert

We all remember the tragedy of Lennox and Belfast. Just 4 months ago, the world lost a beloved pet due to BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Lennox, a 7 year old American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever mix was wrongfully taken away from his beloved family due to "looking" like a Pit Bull. He was then seized from his home and taken to a horrible place where he was kept there for the next 2 years. Alone. Starving for affection. Without his family. Eventually, Lennox was euthanized. The family STILL has not received his collar that they were promised from BCC (Belfast City Council).

And with all this hogwash about Lennox "looking" like a Pit Bull, there is yet another dog, in the USA, who is currently under the same type of attacks. Read more about Memphis here.

BSL is currently running rampant throughout the world. We all NEED to form together and overrule this ridiculous legislation. Currently in Miami, FL., you can own a Tiger (yes, a WILD Tiger) but you CANNOT own a Pit Bull. Why? Because of a stereotype. Thanks to people like Michael Vick and all of his minions, people now think that Pit Bulls are some type of 4 legged monster. I am asking you today, to sign whatever petition you see about BANNING and STOPPING BSL! Don't let this breed die because of a careless stereotype!

For more info on Lennox, please visit:

Beautiful Mack!

Mack: what a beauty!

Posted By: N Gilbert


Beautiful Mack is a two year old Dalmatian / Pit Mix that was intentionally dragged behind a truck.  Two maintenance workers at Clio Country Club saw a pick-up truck drive up next to the Club with a dog being dragged behind by a chain.  A man got out of the pick-up, cut the dog loose and Mack ran onto the golf course.  Workers went and found the dog and brought him to the Humane Society of Marlboro County.  I can’t even imagine the horror of seeing a dog being dragged the way he was.  Sweet Mack is not a big dog and only weighs 40 lbs.  Based on the way his pads had been worn down, it appeared he had run as long as he could until he fell over and was then dragged. Mack was in terrible shape and was taken to the vet but needed someone to step up for him or he would have been put down.  The authorities were contacted but no one has been charged with the  horrible abuse that was done to him.  As you can imagine, Mack is terribly shy.  He is petrified of someone hurting him again.  Over the last two weeks we have had him, he has begun to relax and trust us but still has a long way to go.  The skin on his rear leg and some of his toes was degloved and torn away.  We have had to keep him in a very sterile environment to prevent more infection from setting in.  Every day we have had to do minor surgery to remove all of the dead tissue, so new tissue can form.  Wounds heal from the inside out.  All dead tissue must be removed daily or infection will set in.  Our sweet boy was loaded with parasites on top of everything else and is also heartworm positive.  I don’t need to tell you how rotten he has been feeling.  We have his pain under control and he is comfortable.  While he is healing, we are pre-treating him for his full heartworm treatment in a couple of weeks.  How anyone could do this to a defenseless animal is beyond me.  This person intentionally dragged him behind his truck.  It wasn’t like he tied the dog to the bumper and then forgot he was there.    There is no excuse for the inhumane treatment of any animal.   Sweet Mack is a very distinct looking dog.  If anyone recognizes him, please, let us know immediately so we can let the authorities know.  Once Mack has healed, he will make a wonderful member of the family.  Time and love will heal his broken heart and his wounds.  He is getting as much as he needs of both.

Please, help us help him by donating.
Noah's Arks Rescue is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

Contact is:
4084 Spring Island
Okatie, SC  29909

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