Monday, January 7, 2013

Buckshot Buck

Conroe, TX -A dog was found in a garbage bag tied to a fence on a quiet road fighting for its life after being shot in the face.

By: N Gilbert

Monday must be the day for hearing horrific cases of abuse. We've seen at least 3 stories so far today and it's enough to make our skin crawl and stomachs churn with disgust!

Conroe, TX - Tami Augustyn’s neighbor was driving down Bulldog Lane in C...onroe Saturday morning when a contractor’s garbage bag was spotted tied to a t-post. The neighbor noticed the bag moving and stopped to investigate. Another neighbor had seen the bag on his way to work around 2:45 AM but thought it was just trash. When the bag was ripped open a wounded dog covered in blood crawled out and managed to walk about two yards before collapsing on the ground.

The Dog Hitler

"The Dog Hitler of Fort Myers, Florida" has reportedly been spotted on animal threads looking for victims.

By: N Gilbert


~Waiting on specifics re: where she's been spotted but please be on the lookout for this woman!!
Nicknamed "The Dog Hitler of Fort Myers, Florida."
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