Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Loyalty and Heroism Combined!

Loyal dog saves life of 87-year-old owner trapped in woods for two freezing nights.

By: N Gilbert

An 87-year-old man has his loyal dog to thank for being rescued, after spending two nights in a dense forest in near freezing temperatures.

Ray Grumbach is a tough, former logger who knows the outdoors well. Every Saturday, Ray goes walking in the woods near his home with his dog Chief. But while out for his walk this week, he fell and was unable to get back up. Chief stuck by his side and kept him warm for the next two nights as temperatures dipped below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celcius) and Ray fought to stay alive.

Search and Rescue sent out a helicopter, ATVs, horses and dozens of rescuers near Horne Lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada to find the elderly man. Ray's grandson ended up finding him. The grandson joined searchers and Chief recognized Ray's grandson's voice as he called out for his grandfather. The heroic dog ran to the grandson’s side and lead him and group of friends on a very obscure trail directly to Ray's side.

Ray was carried out on stretcher and Chief never let Ray out of her sight. Ray is being treated for hypothermia and exposure at Nanaimo hospital and will be released shortly, no doubt to the delight of Chief.

Warrior Puppy!

Xena: what a powerful pup!

By: O Jefferson


"On 09/15/2012, Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services in Georgia as a stray after someone called regarding a stray puppy found in their yard. An officer picked up the puppy and arrived at the shelter around closing time with this girl. We gave her fluids and nutrical, and a wonderful volunteer took her home. She rushed Xena to her vet & by that time, the little miracle had already perked up. If an owner can be located, cruelty charges will be pursued. In any case, Xena is now safe and we hope that she continues to improve with TLC." Via Xena the Warrior Puppy Facebook Page.

 Another horrific case of abuse with a happy ending! Xena remains in the loving care of a foster who belongs to the Dekalb Animal Services in Georgia where every day she continues to get better and better. If you have any information regarding the abuse on little Xena, please contact Dekalb Animal Services. For donations or information, please go to this link: www.friendsofdekalbanimals.org.

Terror Shelter!

Maricopa Torture Chamber: why in the world are they still in business?

By: N Gilbert

Maricopa County Animal Shelter, Phoenix, Arizona.

Everyone that cross-posts has more than likely seen the image to the right of this poor little Chihuahua, Angel. The story begins when shelter employees were euthanizing certain animals that day. This little pup being one of them. When this photo surfaced, Facebook users were outraged, including ourselves. We all tried to get answers. Some got hung up on, told off, and some just got no answers at all. When people finally got through to this shelter, employees told them that they felt "in fear for their lives" due to the aggression from this dog. Now, let's face facts here...a Chihuahua this size couldn't weigh anymore than around 10 pounds. This dog was no ravenous mountain lion getting ready to sink it's teeth into it's prey. This was a scared little being that knew its fate. Unfortunately, she didn't survive due to the shelter using a heart stick (Intracardial injections, commonly know as heart sticks, is a rather inhumane way to euthanize an animal that is not comatose(or nearly comatose) or heavily sedated. A needle and syringe containing sodium pentobarbital is passed through the chest wall and several layers of muscle into the heart. However on an animal that isn't sedated or comatose this is hard to do because the body is in constant motion. It's not uncommon for the person administering the injection to miss and accidentally puncture the lungs causing them to fill up with fluid. This is a VERY painful way to die!) on her just moments after being strangled with a choking catch pole (as seen above). 
Sad thing is, Maricopa ACC is known for the lack of care and abuse they have conducted on their shelter animals. 

Pictured here is another adorable Chihuahua that was obviously abused. According to the Facebook page "STOP the Abuse at Maricopa County Animal Control," "This dog was considered an obvious "Urgent" as his eye was bleeding, yet he was left sitting in his cell at MCACC with no treatment...no help whatsoever. He sat there for days with his eye like this. When one particular volunteer saw him, and finally got him help, his eye was starting to dry up/disintegrate . It is only when a rescue was notified, that he was given treatment. This is, once again, inhumane to let a dog suffer in this condition, with nothing. No help at all. This is complete neglect of an animal."

Furthermore in conclusion, Animal Activists are currently holding an event on Facebook to hold MCACC accountable for the neglect and abuse that goes on in their shelter. Abuse SHOULD NOT be tolerated in ANY way and it's appalling that a so called "animal shelter" would even allow such a thing. For more information regarding the public event to protest against MCACC, please visit the link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/560597270623253/. The protest will be held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 1:00 pm MST, the location is:
MCACC EAST - 2630 West 8th Street
Mesa, AZ 85201.

Please show your support to the people who set up the page on Facebook against this horrible facility
at STOP the Abuse at Maricopa County Animal Control

Remember, we are their voices. Make a difference in the lives of a helpless animal today!

Sledding Tragedy!

No prison time for man who killed 50 sled dogs

By: O Jefferson

VANCOUVER, B.C. — A man who pleaded guilty in the slaughter of dozens of sled dogs in British Columbia will not spend time in prison, a judge has ruled. 

Provincial Court Judge Steve Merrick concluded Thursday that Robert Fawcett had the "best interests" of the dogs at heart when he culled the pack near Whistler after a business slump following the 2010 Olympics.
The devastating aftermath of the April 2010 killing was outlined in court by Fawcett's lawyer, who described how hard it was for his client to listen to details of the slaying of his beloved animals.
Fawcett, 40, earlier pleaded guilty to one count of causing unnecessary pain and suffering to animals. That count relates to the deaths of nine dogs. More than 50 were exhumed from a mass grave in 2011 as part of a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals investigation. The court was told most of the dogs didn't suffer.
The judge gave Fawcett three years' probation, 200 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine. He can't work in the sled-dog industry or make decisions about euthanizing animals.

The court was told that Fawcett felt forced into the decision when the owners of Howling Dog Tours put an "absolute freeze" on spending, except for food and a bare minimum of labor.
Fawcett was watching the dogs' conditions deteriorate to a point they were fighting and killing each other.
"He accepted the burden because he felt he could do it compassionately, and he did not want that burden placed on anyone else," said defense lawyer Greg Diamond.
The defense supplied 30 character references to the judge who described Fawcett's "admirable dedication" to the dogs.
Diamond said his client has become an "international pariah," partly due to intense media scrutiny.
He said his client has attempted suicide, has tattooed a ring of dogs around his arm to remember their lives, and still shudders when he hears a dog bark.
Diamond said the one "silver lining" that has resulted was legislative reform giving British Columbia some of the toughest animal-cruelty laws in Canada.
Government prosecutor Nicole Gregoire said Fawcett has received death threats, had a mental breakdown that sent him to an institution for two months, and even saw his young children and wife forced into hiding.
The case became public in January 2011 after a workers' compensation claim for post-traumatic stress disorder was leaked.
Gregoire said questions remain about how someone who was caring and had a record of high standards could inflict pain on animals.
She pointed to a psychological assessment, noting the psychiatrist found Fawcett likely had experienced "high levels of distress" leading up to the cull, and likely had disassociated his emotions during the event itself.

Our thoughts? Utter BS!

Credits: http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2019752613_sleddogs24.html#.ULQHERWQ4-Y.facebook
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