Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Loyalty and Heroism Combined!

Loyal dog saves life of 87-year-old owner trapped in woods for two freezing nights.

By: N Gilbert

An 87-year-old man has his loyal dog to thank for being rescued, after spending two nights in a dense forest in near freezing temperatures.

Ray Grumbach is a tough, former logger who knows the outdoors well. Every Saturday, Ray goes walking in the woods near his home with his dog Chief. But while out for his walk this week, he fell and was unable to get back up. Chief stuck by his side and kept him warm for the next two nights as temperatures dipped below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celcius) and Ray fought to stay alive.

Search and Rescue sent out a helicopter, ATVs, horses and dozens of rescuers near Horne Lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada to find the elderly man. Ray's grandson ended up finding him. The grandson joined searchers and Chief recognized Ray's grandson's voice as he called out for his grandfather. The heroic dog ran to the grandson’s side and lead him and group of friends on a very obscure trail directly to Ray's side.

Ray was carried out on stretcher and Chief never let Ray out of her sight. Ray is being treated for hypothermia and exposure at Nanaimo hospital and will be released shortly, no doubt to the delight of Chief.

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