Sunday, June 30, 2013

Adopt or Buy?

The importance of adopting...

Posted by: N Gilbert

Shelter dogs sit in small cages and wait to either live or die.

Today on a Facebook thread:

"If it was free, everyone would adopt."

Sago Palms - DANGEROUS!

The dangers of Sago Palm Trees

Posted by: N Gilbert

This is what a Sago Palm looks like.

Sago palms are not really palms at all; they just look like one. The sago palm is a cycad and contains the toxin cycasin and even very young plants are toxic enough to cause death in pets. Contrary to popular belief, all parts of both male and female plants are toxic, with the seeds being the most lethal component.

The reddish-orange seeds are round to oblong in shape and can be a little bigger than a golf ball in mature plants. Many dogs seem to enjoy chewing on these bitter seeds, which leads to nothing but trouble. I’ve even heard talk of people throwing the seeds like a ball for their dog, completely unaware of the deadly dangers!
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