Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mission: RESCUE!

Man on a mission to rescue abandoned dog waiting for his owners to return.

By: N Gilbert

A man in a small town in Cuba, Illinois is on a mission to rescue an abandoned dog before winter. He is hoping to enlist members in the community to help him bring the dog in safely.

Brian Anderson first saw the homeless foxhound around two months ago. The healthy-looking dog is wearing a collar and appears to have had an owner at one time. He goes regularly to the northwest edge of town looking for his owner to return. Brian says the roadway where the dog goes – the Country Mile – is notorious for people dumping animals.

Over the past few months, a few homes have been regularly leaving food out for the dog so he gets fed. Locals have nicknamed the dog "Dave", after the Dave Matthews Band and their song Save Me which has the lyrics "Save me, save me/Stranger, if you please/Or am I too far gone/to get back home".

Dave has established a regular morning routine and has a place he sleeps. However, he won't let anyone go near him. He also is quite wiley and has managed to evade capture by net and live traps and tranquilizer. "No luck yet, but we haven't given up on him," Brian told PJ Star. "It's unusual to have one this elusive."

With winter fast approaching, Brian is offering a $200 reward for help in saving the dog and would appreciate any information or support from people in the neighborhood who see the dog or are helping to feed Dave. Brian can be reached at his work number is 647-4861 and cell phone at 224-1195.

If Dave is successfully caught, Brian has several people who will offer Dave a permanent home.


Beastiality Be Gone!

Germany Moves to Ban Bestiality: Finally!

By: N Gilbert

BERLIN November 28, 2012 (AP)

A German lawmaker says Parliament is close to passing a law explicitly banning bestiality after animal rights groups and tabloid newspapers pushed for existing legislation to be clarified.

Max Lehmer, a lawmaker with Chancellor Angela Merkel's governing coalition, said Wednesday after a meeting of Parliament's agriculture committee that the ban would make sex with animals punishable with a fine. A vote is expected in December.

Politicians took up the issue after it became clear a law banning cruelty to animals was not specific enough to prohibit the practice explicitly.

Berlin tabloid BZ started the debate in October, featuring a front-page photo of a man holding his dog with the headline "we call it sodomy, he calls it love."

Top-selling Bild, from the same publisher, then took up the cause.

Beastiality should be banned GLOBALLY! There is absolutely NO excuse for having sex with animals. It's disgusting, morally wrong, and a HORRID experience for the animal who suffers through it! And, historically speaking, that is after all how Syphilis got around!

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