Monday, January 21, 2013

Chance Needs YOU!

Helping Chance's Haven!

Posted by: N Gilbert

Chance and everyone at The Haven is currently in need of donations to help with upkeep, food, supplies, etc. The staff at Chance's Haven are a group of volunteers who work hard daily to provide constant care and love to pets that haven't had such a great life.

Here is the story of Chance and how the Haven was started:

"Chance was found staggering down a lonely dirt road with the remnants of a rope around his neck.  Completely emaciated to a mere 47 pounds of his 160-pound ideal weight. He was brought to Robin who immediately took him to the Vet to find out that he was also infested with hook worms and was heart worm positive on top of everything else. Robin posted his story and my heart was lost forever to this poor soul. Robin was not deterred by this news, but set out to bring this gentle giant back to life. Through love and care Chance is now back to 100 pounds and still has healing to do but will make a recovery under Robin's loving care. You can read his original story on Facebook at the page Giving Chance a Chance.
Chance - Before

Chance's story and Robin's dedication let us know it was time to do more. We had always been animal lovers - but saw it is NOT ENOUGH. Chance's Haven started coming to life. We were fortunate enough to become a foster for Halteman's Haven in Mesquite Texas and through the help of many friends and family members - our kennels are ready to begin helping the abused and homeless pets. We are small now but we will grow!


Chance - Now!
We are Honored to be the family that Chance came to live with and be our Boss at the rescue as well as a very loved family member! Through Chance's story we hope to inspire others to lend a helping hand in any form possible to shelters and rescues so that others may know the love and kindness that he received.

Through spay and Neuter programs and kindness outreach programs we hope to educate the public on the needs of these animals until no one is left without a home and a loving family."
--Via Chance's Haven Website

Even $1.00 will help as anything always adds up! If you can take the time and are able to make a donation, ANY amount is good, to help Chance & all the other babies at The Haven, they would really appreciate it.

Chance's Haven is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) animal rescue which is located in Gainesville, Texas.

To donate via Pay Pal, please click here:

To make a donation via Mail, please send your donations here:

Karen Holland
Chance's Haven
384 CR 163
Gainesville, Texas 76240

For questions or concerns or any other inquiries, please contact Karen or any of the staff at:
(940) 902-3756

Remember, ANY amount helps! Thanks so much!! ♥

Chance! ♥

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