Monday, November 26, 2012

Stolen Puppy in Peril!

Poor Puppy: stolen pup thrown into a ravine survives!

By: N Gilbert

Osage Beach, Missouri

A puppy who was stolen from a store and then thrown down a ravine by the thieves, was saved by a police officer on Friday afternoon.

Police responded to a call of a pet store in Osage Beach, Missouri who said a young man and a woman had taken a tiny 2-month-old 3 pound Miniature Pinscher. Quick-thinking witnesses followed the couple and managed to take down the license plate number of their black Jeep Cherokee.

Shortly after, a police officer spotted the suspect's car in a Walmart parking lot a block away and confronted the couple. They told officers they had dumped the puppy in a ravine behind the Osage Beach Premium Outlet Mall.

Sgt. Schwenn went looking for the puppy and searched for nearly 2 hours in the ravine until he heard the puppy whimpering. He found her shivering and happy to see him. Sgt. Schwenn said it was sheer luck that the puppy was found, as she would not have survived the night because temperatures were only 37 degrees Fahrenheit and getting colder.

Both suspects were arrested and the 19-year-old man was charged with felony stealing of an animal and the girl, 16, has charges pending.


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