Monday, November 26, 2012

The Lennox Legacy!

Forever Lennox: how we can help to keep dogs safe from BSL!

By: N Gilbert

We all remember the tragedy of Lennox and Belfast. Just 4 months ago, the world lost a beloved pet due to BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Lennox, a 7 year old American Bulldog/Labrador Retriever mix was wrongfully taken away from his beloved family due to "looking" like a Pit Bull. He was then seized from his home and taken to a horrible place where he was kept there for the next 2 years. Alone. Starving for affection. Without his family. Eventually, Lennox was euthanized. The family STILL has not received his collar that they were promised from BCC (Belfast City Council).

And with all this hogwash about Lennox "looking" like a Pit Bull, there is yet another dog, in the USA, who is currently under the same type of attacks. Read more about Memphis here.

BSL is currently running rampant throughout the world. We all NEED to form together and overrule this ridiculous legislation. Currently in Miami, FL., you can own a Tiger (yes, a WILD Tiger) but you CANNOT own a Pit Bull. Why? Because of a stereotype. Thanks to people like Michael Vick and all of his minions, people now think that Pit Bulls are some type of 4 legged monster. I am asking you today, to sign whatever petition you see about BANNING and STOPPING BSL! Don't let this breed die because of a careless stereotype!

For more info on Lennox, please visit:

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