Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dog Fighters GONE AWAY!

Suspected Dog Fighting Ring Closed Down!

By: N Gilbert

Ashland City, TN – International non-profit animal protection organization Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) removed 65 dogs from the property of a suspected dog fighting operation today in Ashland City, about 35 minutes west of Nashville, in a rescue mission called Operation Broken Chain.
On Thanksgiving night the Ashland City Fire Department and the Pleasant View Fire Department responded to a brush fire at an Ashland City residence. Their discovery of a large number of dogs chained around the property prompted them to call Cheatham County Animal Control (CCAC) who identified the situation as a suspected dog fighting/breeding operation. CCAC found 65 dogs, mostly American Pit Bull Terriers and some Beagles, all requiring medical attention, none with access to food or fresh water.
“We believe this is the largest dog fighting rescue in Tennessee history,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “The conditions Animal Rescue Corps found on this property are the worst I have ever seen at a dog fighting operation in my 22-year career in animal protection.”
CCAC identified dogfighting paraphernalia such as a treadmill, fighting pen, and a spring pole used for strengthening dogs’ jaws. The dogs are underweight, have sores covering their bodies, and are exhibiting signs of internal parasites, but are all very eager for affection despite their desperate living conditions and medical needs.
“I quickly realized that Cheatham County Animal Control needed support in immediately addressing this situation,” said CCAC Director TJ Jordi. “The Animal Rescue Corps team was on the ground in less than 24 hours to support this rescue operation.”

All the animals on the property were surrendered to CCAC and relocated to an emergency shelter outside of Nashville. Their daily care and medical needs will be met by ARC until they can be assessed for placement and transported to partners around the country.
Animal Rescue Corps performed this rescue in conjunction with: Cheatham County Animal Control; New Leash on Life, a shelter in Lebanon, TN; Agape Animal Rescue out of Nashville; the Nashville Zoo and the Tennessee State Highway Patrol.

Via Animal Rescue Corps:

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