Sunday, November 25, 2012

Benny's a Good Man!

A Happy Life For Benny!

By: N Gilbert

Benny's Story…

Benny is one of the dogs that most underscores the importance of the Soi Dog’s Sponsors Club. Please consider joining Soi Dog's Sponsor's Club and sponsoring a dog like Bennie today by visiting:

Benny was found wandering the streets of Rawai in 2009. He was in a terrible state - emaciated & suffering chronic skin problems including mange & fungal disease. Benny was brought to the Soi Dog shelter & has lived here ever since as his condition needs constant monitoring.

Benny also recently needed an operation on his bladder which has left him incontinent & he now wears a permanent catheter. Benny is a friendly, boisterous dog who adores going for walks & loves human company.

You can sponsor your Soi Dog today at...

It is only through the support of the support of Soi Dog’s Sponsors Club that the important work of saving the lives of dogs like Benny can continue.

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