Sunday, November 25, 2012

Helping Poor Gabe!

Gabe Needs An Angel: will it be you?

By: N Gilbert

My name is Gabe and I am a Chocolate Lab. I am estimated to be less than a year old and I was just given the name Gabriel today. I was named after the Archangel Gabriel, but you can call me Gabe for short. Right now I am really skeptical about angels. I have met a few in the last 24 hours. I have met people who are kind and gentle, and who are trying very hard to ease my pain. And I have a lot of pain right now. In fact, pain is all I have ever known so I am one of those fur kids looking for a first chance. I suppose yesterday was what you would consider my "Re-Birth Day." Because yesterday is when I was saved from a kind of hell no living creature should be forced to endure.

Yesterday an animal control officer found me wandering about, hurt and afraid. He immediately carried me to the local shelter and told the shelter manager that he had a dog that was hurt and maybe had been struck by a car. The first thing they saw was the sad face I have always worn. And they saw the fear in my eyes as humans came near. I was checked over but there was no sign of trauma that being struck by a car would have caused. Still, I was in a lot of pain. I yelped and cried when touched and they searched for the source of my misery. They immediately noticed the knot at the top of my tail indicating a break.

Once they knew there was a definite problem they carried me to a wonderful person named "Vet." That is when my horrible secret was exposed. Vet examined me really well and found the terrible bruising and the source of my pain. They learned why I wear this sad look and why I fear humans. The exam revealed a multitude of problems. The problems led to one conclusion. Only one thing could have caused my misery. I have been repeatedly sodomized by a human. Like Charity, Hope and Faith, I am a victim of rape. And I am learning this is not MY SHAMEFUL SECRET as I have believed for my entire life. This is a HUMAN'S SHAME! This human that claimed to love me and share their life with me has caused me so much pain.

My case is most likely NOT like Faith's, Hope's, and Charity's. Even though this horrible abuse began while I am a young boy, it was not done by someone breeding dogs to fight. This was done by another type of sick, perverted human that thinks it is ok to "love" your dog. They call it love. I call it misery and pain. Each time he would come for me and I would scream with pain he ignored my cries. Now I suffer in silence and I need a voice - your voice. And now - after so many nights of agony and wanting to die - I finally want to live. And I need your help for that too.

Right now I am in really bad shape. I am in a lot of pain. The people that I have met in the last 24 hours are fighting for my right to live now. My tail is broken right at the top where the person who was raping me grabbed it and used it for leverage as he sodomized me. I am terribly impacted and my bottom is so bruised I cannot work to help myself go to the bathroom. I am in terrible pain. It hurts to walk. When I walk I urinate uncontrollably. When anyone touches me on my sides or near my bottom I yelp in pain. For the first time ever, my screams have been heard There is most likely a lot of nerve damage. The people caring for me heard about Charity, Hope and Faith and called their people for help in understanding this terrible thing that has happened to me. Right now what must be done is to treat the problems that are immediate. They also must run all the necessary tests so I can live. It is going to be a very long road to recovery and I am told I cannot make it without help. I am very afraid, but I can be brave if I know I will never be hurt this way again.

So I am coming to you and asking for your help. Eagle's Den Rescue has said they will help. I need to be with the vet so she can determine all of the problems I have. We do not know where this journey will take us but I do know that there are people standing with me that are willing to fight for me. Right now I am receiving antibiotics, prednisone and pain relief. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope the sun will shine for me - for the first time ever.

Will you help me? Please share my story far and wide. Pray for me. And donations are desperately needed for my medical care. Please help me if you can.
You can leave a donation for me at Pay Pal via
Or a direct link to the Eagle's Den Pay Pal account:

OR My special Chip In:

I appreciate you reading this and caring about me. I am thankful for any help you can give. I hope I can live. And I hope I can finally have a home where the words: I LOVE MY DOG mean belly rubs and ear scratches and not rape.
If you love your fur kid, could you give him an extra belly rub tonight for me... I have never had that. If you wish on a star tonight, MAKE A WISH FOR ME. If you say a prayer tonight, SAY ONE FOR ME. If you shed a tear tonight, SHED ONE FOR ME and all the others like me who are in harm's way. And if you share a fur kid's story tonight, PLEASE SHARE MINE.

One day I will be ready for a loving home. If you can be that soft heart for me you can start the application process now: KAT_EDR@LIVE.COM to request an application.

With hope for a better world tomorrow where Love does not come with such a high price,

Once again I MUST come to you for help. We are still reeling from the torture Barney has suffered at the hands of sub-humans and now we have met Beautiful Gabe. His sad face will haunt me tonight. The wet spots on the floor are where he has urinated uncontrollably. I remember this well from our three little girls; FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY.

Once again we have a fur baby who has done nothing to cause the tremendous pain he is in and who needs help. And once again we do not know where this road will lead us. We do not we need help to cover expenses ... Gabe cannot live without vet care.

We also need your prayers, support and sharing. If you can donate, please:
OR Gabe's Chip In:
You can also mail a donation to
1453 Campbell Road
Clarkton, NC 28433

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