Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dog Smuggler No More!

Caught! A Dog Meat Smuggler Finally Captured and Arrested!

By: N Gilbert

Dog Meat Smuggler Arrested! 12 dogs were recovered on the afternoon of November 20th from a smuggler apprehended by local police in the Mahasarakram Province, Khosumpisai District.

A pickup truck was stopped at a check point by local police. The back of the pickup was modified with a carefully concealed storage area hidden under the wooden sheets. The officers indicated that the dogs were carefully hidden and would not have been visible if the truck had not been stopped and inspected. This appears to be the latest way of attempting to hide the dogs and is obviously a strong indication that the smugglers are becoming more cautious.

Certainly a far cry from large trucks used in the past loaded with hundreds or thousands of dogs and a positive indication that the pressure being put on the trade is working. The trader said he had traded ice buckets for the dogs.

The police charged him for relocating the animals across quarantine areas without permission, trading without a permit and cruelty to animals. The dogs have been sent to Buriram Shelter.

The “Magic 1000” club has been founded to help with the care and feeding of the rescued dogs held at the various shelters throughout Thailand. Please consider joining today and making a monthly donation towards feeding the rescued dogs…

It costs in the region of 1,000,000 THB to simply feed the dogs at all the shelters on a monthly basis so the idea is that we get 1,000 members to donate 1,000 THB (around $30) to raise the funds needed to feed all the dogs.

The illegal dog meat trade can only be stopped if continued pressure is placed on the smugglers and the dogs rescued must be cared for as best as possible. Only with your help can the trade ultimately be stopped!

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