Sunday, November 25, 2012

Help Mellie!

Mellie: another beautiful victim of a crap law!

By: N Gilbert

Benton, Ak.
Mellie, a goregous white and brown Pit Bull, got out of the house and ran over to play with a neighbor. She jumped on him & because he is afraid of dogs, he interpreted her play as aggression. Police issued a vicious dog citation which will end up costing thousands of dollars no matter what.
JUST LIKE LENNOX! Mellie is Innocent! She faces the same fate if Katie can't raise the money for Mellie's Atty, court costs, and impound fees for the time she was at the shelter, and whatever else the city decides. It happens all the time that Pit Bulls are wrongly euthanized because the family doesn't have the money to pay the fees associated with these ridiculous breed prejudice citations! We can prevent this from happening to Mellie. She is still short $1,000. Please everybody chip in $5, or whatever you can. We have to help each other because this could happen to any one of us next.

Fore more info on Mellie, please visit her Facebook page:

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