Sunday, November 25, 2012

Share Away!

Crossposting: it DOES save lives!

By: N Gilbert

Do you log onto your Facebook account and notice posts from pages that you've liked of a dog or cat in need at a shelter? Do you sometimes feel that it "floods" your Facebook feed that it makes you want to unlike the page? If so, you have just risked a life of a dog or cat in need!

Many people think that it is a myth or a rumor, but I have seen it myself personally where a dog or cat gets saved due to being shared all over Facebook and Twitter!
Take Homer here for instance...

Homer was at a local shelter in Los Angeles, California in absolutely TERRIBLE conditions. He was very thin, was loaded with mats in his fur, and just wasn't receiving the love and attention he deserved. I personally called the West LA shelter inquiring about Homer. I got in touch with the founder of Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. who told me that they would in fact be pulling Homer to safety the next morning.
Sure enough, LNPB pulled Homer to safety and he is currently getting all the love and care he needs and deserves! And you know what? It all happened due to the fact that Facebook users were consistently crossposting and sharing Homer's picture and shelter info on their walls. This is why crossposting is so important. Check out what love can do and did for Homer below!

For more info on the wonderful Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., 
please visit their website:

or their Facebook page:

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