Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kidney Problems and Seniors Don't Mix!

Seniors & Kidney Problems: how to keep your senior around as long as possible!

By: N Gilbert

Did you know that a lot of senior dogs end up getting kidney failure due to high levels of protein being in their food? What happens is when an elderly dog reaches 8 years of age and older, their systems tend to slow down just as ours do. They become less active and their metabolisms don't need all that protein that a dog of a young age needs. Their bodies can't break it down properly. Now, some people don't believe that this is the case, however, I have been advised by many veterinarians that it is unfortunately true. And I have also unfortunately lost two pets (1 dog & 1 cat) years ago due to not maintaining their protein levels in their food. I had no knowledge of any this. This also applies to senior cats! Cats are considered starting their senior years between the ages of 8 & 10. Although cats live quite a few years longer than dogs, they still need that extra care when they're "Over the Hill!" :)

Your pet's diet should include a protein source that can be digested and metabolized easily. Quoting a board certified vet specializing in the tissue of dogs & cats, "The amount of protein in the diet is important also and may need to be adjusted depending on your pet's life stage and individual health." Talk to your local veterinarian about the many different foods that you can give your senior to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember, good living conditions are also a key importance to keeping your pet around for a long time as well as a clean supply of fresh water! 
Enjoy them while you can, show them all the love they deserve, it comes back 10 fold, trust me!!!!!! ♥

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