Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why Adopt?

Adopting a Shelter Pet: the joys and how you will find unconditional love!

By: N Gilbert

So have you ever wondered why I'm always posting the importance of adopting a dog rather than going to a posh puppy store and purchasing one? Here are my personal answers and reasons...

What's the importance of adopting a dog from a shelter or pound?
A: well in my opinion, the animals that are currently at shelters and city pounds are the pets that have been discarded like last night's trash, no one wants them anymore for whatever reason.

Aren't the dogs and cats you find at shelters or pounds considered "bad?"
A: not at all! In fact, it has been my own personal experience that those are the more special animals because they are waiting for their loving, forever homes.

Don't animals in shelters or pounds have a lot of diseases?
A: not necessarily. Years ago I purchased a pure bred Chihuahua for my Mom for Christmas. A few weeks after we had her, she ended up with Demodex Mange. Demodex Mange in puppies is usually caused from the mother. We got Bijoux (the Chihuahua) some medicine and all the things she needed, and she is now a healthy almost 10 years old loving and loyal senior and we love her to death!

How do I go about finding the right dog in a shelter than in a pet store?
A: well, that's easy. Go into the shelter, look around, socialize with the dogs in there. There is usually always "that one" dog that will catch your eye and snuggles up to you secretly asking you, "can I go home with you please?" That's how it was with my Marley. I spent over an hour in the shelter trying to decide which one I wanted, and since I couldn't have them all, I could only choose one. Just as I was about to leave, Marley came walking in on a leash with a lady. She wiggled her body like a weeble wobble and was wagging her tail super fast. I picked her up, she snuggled up under my chin, and now is the love of my life!

So these are just a few questions and answers for anyone curious on my thoughts of adopting. You see, of course the pets in pet stores should go to good homes just like any other pet. But, don't you think that all those hundreds and thousands of shelters animals want you to come check them out and give them a chance too? You see, the pets in pet stores will eventually get purchased by someone. All the shelter pets won't and therefore as painfully as it sounds, get killed. Shelters can only hold so many dogs and cats before they kill them. My Marley is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. She is also a trained service/therapy dog and can calm the most nervous person down who suffers from anxiety, heart troubles, etc.

So why don't you go give one of those precious animals at the shelter a chance and be their parent.

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