Saturday, November 24, 2012

About Us!

About Gotta Love Dogs:

Dedicated to helping dogs in need as well as gaining information and knowledge. ♥ 


"To try and save every animal that we can and prevent others from being abused or killed. To educate the public on ways to help and put an end to the high killing!"

Company Overview

♥ All about loving dogs, cross posting, sharing & learning information needed, and anything to help. This page will also post about other animals as well. Look around and please share!!! :)


♥ "As the owner of a rescued dog, Marley (a long haired Dachshund), who was rescued by me from a kill shelter in 2010. Marley only had 2 days left when I picked her up. She was supposed to be gassed. Now, Marley is a healthy, happy, and VERY spoiled shelter dog turned service/therapy dog. I am very devoted to helping animals in need, especially dogs." -- N. Gilbert

This organization is also determined to stopping ANY animal abuse there is out there and will sometimes show some disturbing images, so if you are easily offended or squeamish, please don't look. However, burying our heads in the sand isn't going to help. Just remember, they cannot speak, therefore WE CAN speak for them. Please help out!! :) And feel free to post links, articles, pictures, or any information to the site! :)

General Information

GLD has 3 editors, one including the main admin of the page. N. Gilbert is the original owner, founder, & creator, G. Bailey & O. Jefferson are the co-admins. Any questions or suggestions you have should be sent via Private Message on the main page. Thanks for visiting and "Liking" Gotta Love Dogs!! You all are wonderful! ♥

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