Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dog Fighting and What It Really Means!

Dog Fighting: the greedy ways of humans

By: N Gilbert

My definition of dog fighting:
"A sadistic, quicker, yet stupider, and uneducated way to make money off watching dogs suffer in agony." And in other words, THE COMPLETE LOSERS WAY TO NOT WORK FOR A LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a picture of Otto. Otto was used as a "Bait Dog" in a fighting ring and this is what has happened to him. He is recovering well and getting the best of care however he SHOULD NOT have had to go through this all in the name of money! Visit Noah's Arks Rescue for more info on Otto:

First off, we all know Dog Fighting is illegal, well practically anyway. Secondly, there are things you can do to report it if you know where it's going on: your local law enforcement agency, Interpol, several anti-abuse/dog fighting links on the Net. In this note you will find links to some of the places you can report this to.

Interpol (if you are seeing this being done online):

Stop Crush also has very informative info and links to report abuse:

Norred & Associates Inc. (a website to report dog fighting):


HSUS Report Dog Fighting PDF (I don't support the HSUS however they do tell you how to stop and report dog fighting):

If you are still wanting more info, you can always Google "how to report dog fighting," and you will come up with tons of different links! :)

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