Saturday, November 24, 2012

Craigslist Nightmares!

The Horrors of Craiglist: and why you should NEVER post your dogs on there!

By: N Gilbert

Craiglist is a known classified online newspaper for advertising all sorts of things. From refrigerators to dating. Although these may come in handy for some, others are known to post dogs on craigslist for FREE. Yes, you read right, FREE! The dangers of this are VERY severe I might add. While some may think it is easier to post an unwanted dog on there, it is also a website for known abusers to find free dogs so that they can use them for all sorts of things. Sex, dog fighting, and numerous other horrible acts of greed and lust. Below you will find an article from earlier this year on an abuser who searched craiglist to find a dog for sex as well as a photo of what happened to a dog who was listed as FREE and instead of being given a loving home, was used as a bait dog.

Huffington Post Article on James Naylor:


Police arrested an Arizona man after he allegedly spent two months trying to set up a sexual encounter with a dog over Craigslist.

What 47-year-old James Naylor didn't know is that he wasn't talking to a willing dog owner -- he was talking to an undercover officer.

The married father, who lives in Mesa, allegedly posted an ad on Craigslist at least two months ago titled, "Bottom need hung tops -- M4M" and "Willing to try hung K9 4 Fun too," according to ABC 15. An agent with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department negotiated with Naylor for weeks, using a picture of a dog from the animal shelter (above) to lure him into a nearby hotel.

Naylor was arrested and taken to jail Monday night. He never saw the dog.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Fox 19 that he's seen this type of crime on the Internet before. Six people were arrested over the past year for similar offenses in which Craigslist was used to solicit animal abuse.

"This is a different breed of people who would do this to dogs. We are going to continue this type of investigation; we are the only ones doing this but we are not going to stop investigating bestiality of this type, having sex with dogs," Arpaio said.

And now here is what happens to other dogs found as a free dog on craigslist:

So you see folks, craigslist may be a good thing when it comes to advertising products, etc...but it is also a deadly thing for animals. If you are looking for an animal that you won't pay an arm and a leg for, try going to your local shelter and adopting a dog there. They make the best pets!

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