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Look at that face and keep him in your mind:
RON JACKSON of St. Louis, Mo., man suspected of a heinous act of animal cruelty towards a dog has managed to escape heading to court to face his crime.

According to Thursday's KSDK News, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office has dismissed the felony animal cruelty case against Ron Jackson.
The allegations against Jackson are shocking and disturbing. The 29-year-old man is accused of shooting a dog a dozen times, and then strangling the dog with an electrical cord.

Following the brutal attack, Jackson allegedly tossed the grievously wounded dog, who was still alive, into a dumpster.
Amazingly, the dog somehow survived.

The case fell apart after the witnesses, who claimed to have seen Jackson holding a gun near the dumpster where the dog was found, became "uncooperative," with the police.

The abused dog was discovered by a city sanitation worker and was nursed back to health by Randy Grim, founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis.
Though the dog, now known as "O.P." is still paralyzed, he has made a remarkable recovery and is now able to get around with the help of a specially fitted cart.

In a prior news publication on this horrific case of abuse, Grim told Fox 2 News:

“Anyone who keeps shooting, reload and shoot again, strangle and toss him in a dumpster is somebody that shouldn’t be on the streets period.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Jackson will be walking the streets, now that the case has been dismissed.


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