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Shelby's Escape

A Dog's Determination to Escape Abuse

Posted by: O Jefferson



Via Eagle's Den Rescue--

Hello Rescue Angels.
My name is Shelby and I am in need of a few angels. I have only recently escaped from Hell and I had to do that all alone. You see, I didn't know that there are angels on earth and I certainly did not know that a human could be kind. I was not sitting and waiting to be saved from my torture because I never knew that was even possible. So after so much abuse, I saw an opening to run and I ran as fast as I could. I would love to leave my story there, but I really do need your help so I will share my story as best I can. I am terribly afraid and hope that you will understand.

I am afraid that no one will care enough about me to help me and I do know I cannot survive without help. I never had a reason to believe in anyone before. I never even had a reason to believe in myself. But in the last couple of days, I have met a few “Heart Speak” people. When you come from hell where the heart cannot thrive, meeting Heart Speak people becomes a very huge deal. So I am laying everything out in the open and going to take a chance that I can be helped, and perhaps, I can even be loved.

In the last couple of days I have learned there are many different levels to hell on earth. Many dogs suffer in silence, their screams never heard because there are no Heart Speak people around to hear them. There are dogs that are made to fight, used as bait, dogs that are raped and tortured. Some dogs live in a crate in a special hell called a puppy mill, some live in research labs and they all live through a very sadistic hell of neglect. And we all suffer never knowing what we have done to deserve our fate.

My scars tell my story far better than I can. Once the vet has checked me over, perhaps you will understand better the hell I have lived through. Right now you can see the newer cigarette burn on my head, the scars down my back and on my belly and legs. Many of them look as if I have been whipped. I have lived through tortures angels like you could never understand. You do not have that kind of evil in your heart so it will be very hard for you to comprehend how someone could put a lit cigarette out on my head or how they could beat me and leave sores to become infected.

Once the vet does a thorough exam, I will be able to share more of my story with you, but for now … what you need to know is what happened when I escaped. Oh how wonderful it felt to be free and I ran for my life. When the Heart Speak woman named Mary saw me and saw that I was injured, she threw her shoes from her feet and gave chase. Now you can imagine what I thought when this barefoot woman was chasing me through traffic in Indianapolis. I thought surely she was crazy and you have to remember I never had a reason to trust a person before. Let’s just say I gave her a very solid workout.

There was traffic all around and she used her car to box me in so the cars and trucks would not run over me. They were going very fast and did not seem to care that I was there running for my life. And I was growing so very tired. All Mary saw was a very dirty white Pit Bull with scars on her body and legs that would barely hold me up. In fact, I was dragging my legs behind me just before she caught me. You see, at least one of my legs appears to have been broken at some point and has not healed properly. My pictures here do not show the extent of my injuries.

I suppose I should just copy what my special angel, Mary, said about me in the plea for help she sent out:

” Hello!
I am the Indianapolis director of 2x2 rescue and I am doing everything I can to network a dog I found last night and find her a rescue that can take her in. She looks to be middle age. She's an all white pit and has been clearly abused. I spotted her on my way home last night running full speed down a busier street in a shady neighborhood and I kicked off my flip flops and chased her all the way down this street barefoot. My friend joined in and we were using a car to block traffic that clearly didn't care. Her back legs were giving out and it appeared she was running herself TO DEATH to escape whatever she had broken free from. We finally caught her and when we got her back to my house in the light she has a newer cigarette burn on her head. Whip marks all down her stomach and legs, wounds from abuse all over her back, a foot appears dislocated, her pads are bloody from running and typical pit.... she couldn't be friendlier!!!!! Then I began her temp test with dogs and I was crushed. She was growling a lot at my one personal dog who I always use to temp test that is entirely non reactive. She's also food aggressive with dogs. I cannot keep her for several reasons. I am moving out of my housing on Friday and leaving the country Saturday to work in the Jamaican orphanages (something I do annually as a therapist), and my personal dogs are pits and one is a rescued bait dog that is extremely reactive and I would be bringing in a serious situation. Also I would have no one to watch this dog while I was out of town. If I take her to animal control here in Indy, she will fail temp test immediately (they may not even try cause she's a pit) and will be immediately euthanized. This is breaking my heart. She's finally free and safe and now she's facing death because of humans. Can you help? I have attached some photos from my phone. My computer is packed away so I couldn't use my Nikon. She's so sweet with people and will eat food from my hands. Please help, I'm begging

Another Heart Speak Angel named Kim Gentry saw this plea for help and immediately contacted some people named Beth and Jerry from a place called Eagle’s Den Rescue in NC. Now I don’t have a clue what it is like to live in a Den, much less an Eagle’s Den, but I am certainly willing to try if I can get help and get there. Beth and Jerry seem to know that I am going to be aggressive toward other dogs right now because of what I have been through, and that a little time and patience may work wonders for that situation. Dogs that have been abused can be very reactive when they are afraid, And I am afraid.

This place called Eagle’s Den has said they will help me and I am excited about that. I am excited to see North Carolina even though dogs really do not understand all those border issues. For us, it is either a safe place or it is not, and until recently, I was not aware a safe place existed for me. But, I am curious to see what an Eagle’s Den looks like.

I really, really want to get better and to live. I want to be in a safe place and find a good home of my own one day soon. I know I need a lot of medical care and this person called vet is going to provide that for me. I am still a bit in shock because all of these people seem to really like me and no one is hurting me. No one has burned me with anything and no one has whipped me and left scars on my so very sore body. My feet hurt. My legs hurt. I am hungry and dirty … but these people are giving me a bath, feeding me and trying their very best to make my hurts feel better. OH I DO WANT TO LIVE NOW. I HAVE A FUTURE NOW.

Do I dare hope that there can be more for me? You see, in order for me to get the help I need, Eagle’s Den is going to need some help from their friends. Apparently they have done this thing called rescue for many dogs in need and it takes something called money to help. It also takes a lot of love, prayers and concern. And that’s where you come in.

They do not know how much will be needed just yet. This is just beginning. I need this initial care from “Vet” desperately and I need help to get to NC and possibly another vet there. Some of my injuries may require a lot of help. They are especially concerned about my back legs and the fact I was dragging them behind me and seem to have some problems walking at times. The Vet here in Indiana is being so very wonderful to me and to Eagle’s Den. Will you help?

You can SHARE MY STORY and you can send me loads of love. You can say a very special prayer for me. Beth and Jerry say those are some of the BEST GIFTS EVER.

Of course, funds are needed too. If you can and want to help with the money part you can send a donation to
Pay Pal at eaglesdenrescue@live.com
Or you can mail a donation to the Den @
1453 Campbell Road
Clarkton, NC 28433

If you prefer to donate directly to the vet, you can do that too:
Zionsville Country Vet Clinic in Indiana @ 317-769-7387.
That is where I will be getting much needed care and waiting for my ride to NC and probably even more vet care … AND, there may even be a bit of training in my future once I am well enough.

I NEED Eagle’s Den right now, and they NEED YOU. Please help if you can. Once I am evaluated fully by the vet they will know if they need to start a special fundraising page for me. And I will be able to tell you more of my story…

I promise I will make all of you very proud one day very soon. I know now that life can be good and I am NOT A BAD DOG. I just lived in a hell that had very BAD PEOPLE.

Thank You for caring enough to read a part of my story…

These pictures do not show the extent of Shelby's injuries ... nor do they show the very loving and happy girl that has found freedom from hell. Thank you or any help you can give with Shelby. We will start a fundraising site for her after the vet does an evaluation and we know more what she is going to need. We hope to have more pictures of her injuries soon as well.

We thank Mary for giving her all to save this girl … Kim and Chad (Berteal) for letting us know she needed help … Shari Riggins for opening her heart and door to this special girl in need ... the vet and staff who are graciously working with us to help Shelby … and most of all YOU.

Thank you for your never-ending patience while we work to save these precious lives. Many times we have to put everything on hold to work with the animals and you always understand. You also understand when our own health issues keep us away from the computer. You are our Angels and

Please donate if you can, and please share for Shelby! ♥


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