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Dog Shot by Pellet Gun

Dog found alive after shot over 30 times with pellet gun.

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Courtesy of  KLTV

A dog is undergoing major surgery after apparently being used as a target for someone's pellet gun.

"It's heartbreaking; I don't understand how anybody can do this," said Valerie Mills with the Humane Society of Northeast Texas.

More than 30 pellets were found lodged in the skin of an emaciated dog.

"It broke my heart to see that. That is totally unacceptable and cruel. It was devastating," Mills said.

Mills is one of the many people working to save this dog's life.

"It could take weeks, several weeks for him to get back to normal," she explained.

Longview police officers found the dog covered in blood near Richardson and Green Streets in Longview. Officers immediately contacted Longview Animal Control.

"It did have a broken rope that was attached to it. We do feel like the dog was tied up at the time it was shot, and the dog was shot probably 30 plus 30, 35 times," explained Longview Control Officer Chris Kemper.

When officers approached the dogs, they said there were no problems.

"The dog was sweet and nothing but gracious that somebody was trying to help it," Kemper said.

Longview Animal Control took the dog to the Humane Society of Northeast Texas for an  initial evaluation.

"We gave him some water, and he went straight to the vet immediately because he had one pellet that went in his bottom eyelid," Mills said.

Dr. Kimbrough at the Kimbrough Animal Hospital had to remove the dog's eye.

As soon as he recovers from surgery, Mills said he will need an immediate foster home.

"A good, loving home that you know, has the time to take care of him, give him his meds, doctor his wounds," Mills said.

While this dog heals, the Longview Police Department is launching an investigation.

"In the State of Texas, intentionally injuring an animal like this would be a felony," Mills said.

Once the person who shot the dog with pellets is found, Longview police said they could be charged with felony animal cruelty.

Gregg County Crimestoppers is offering a reward with anyone with information that leads to an arrest. If you have any information about this crime, contact the Longview Police Department at (903) 237-1199

If you would like information on fostering this dog, call the Humane Society of Northeast Texas at 903-297-2170 or email The shelter is also gathering donations to help pay for the surgery that Kimbrough Animal Hospital said could cost more than $1,000 with medication included. So far, about $200 has been donated.

Via Examiner --

The pit bull mix, dubbed "Spike Dillinger," was found wandering near Richardson and Green Street and was picked up by animal control officers, who transferred him to the Humane Society of Northwest Texas.

On Wednesday, Spike underwent surgery to remove the numerous pellets which were scattered across his face.

Veterinarians at the Kimbrough Animal Hospital had to remove one of Spike's eyes due to the extensive trauma.

Based on the injuries, it is believed that someone repeatedly shot at the dog while he was tied up or otherwise restrained - essentially using Spike for target practice.

Spike is currently being cared for by volunteers with the Humane Society of Northeast Texas, however, the facility is searching for a foster home for Spike to recover in.

Anyone interested in fostering, or adopting Spike, is asked to call 903-297-2170 or email

Longview police are investigating this case of cruelty. Anyone with tips or information is asked to call: (903) 237-1199.

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