Thursday, March 7, 2013

No charges for Caisen Green

Teen who killed dog with arrow won't face charges

Posted by: N Gilbert

The Cherokee County District Attorney’s Office is declining to press charges against a Tahlequah teen who shot and killed a dog with an arrow.

In a letter Assistant District Attorney Jack Thorp sent to Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chenault, he says charges will not be filed against Caisen Green because there is no probable cause for an arrest. The ADA says based on his own investigation the area where the dog was shot is a common place for animals to be dumped.

Green told investigators he tried to scare the dogs away, but the pit bull remained and snarled at him so he shot it with the arrow. The ADA cites a 1985 case, Grizzle vs. State, that found "one is privileged to destroy or injure animal for purpose of defending himself or third person against harm threatened by animal." The ADA writes he has not been able to disprove Green's claim of self defense.

Green posted a photo of the dog with the arrow on his Facebook page with a comment about being proud of killing the pit bull. The posting led to public outcry across the country.

Our Thoughts:

One word...BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Might as well just say it's okay to shoot and kill homeless people too since technically they aren't living in a home and are "strays." The judicial/justice system can BITE ME! You got your wish Caisen, you killed an innocent dog and got away with it. You little piece of monkey dung! You WILL reap what you sow one day, mark my words!!!!!!!!!!! >:( 


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