Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Arrest Made for Duct Taped Dog!

Cruelty Charges For Duct-Taped Dog

Posted by: O Jefferson

GREENTOWN — Charges have been filed against a man humane officers say abused a dog in Pike County.

Russell Seese of Greentown was charged Tuesday with two counts of animal cruelty.
A picture was sent to us of the pitbull that had its mouth taped shut and its legs bound together with duct tape.
The animal that was found this way in Greentown last week is now recovering at a vet’s office.

Via Examiner-- "Greene Township - A dog suffering from an act of torture was discovered by Pennsylvania State Police in Greentown on March 1. It was taken into protective custody by Dog Warden Jim Rickert and PA Humane Society Police Officer in Pike County, Marlene Metzger.

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While responding to a call, police found the pit bull with its snout wrapped and legs bound together with duct tape.

Unable to move, the dog would have died a slow, agonizing death had it not been found. Fortunately, the dog is currently recovering at a vet's office.

This dog, whose picture has been circulating on Facebook, was so appreciative of the officers' help that its tail is a blur from wagging with happiness and gratitude.

They are still investigating, but the man believed to be responsible for this act of cruelty lives in Greentown. No one has been charged but charges are expected in the next few days.

Dog found by PA State Police bound, gagged in Green Township, Pike County, PA
Photo credit:  Facebook.com
These acts often don't go unnoticed, and someone may have information that can help police file charges.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to call PA Humane Society Police Officer Marlene Metzger, employed by Dessin Animal Shelter, at (570) 647-0239.

An animal's power to forgive is remarkable, considering the abuse so many sustain at the hands of humans."


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