Friday, January 18, 2013

South Carolina Man Beats Dog With Hammer

South Carolina man beats rescued dog in the head with a hammer, dumps in creek.

Posted by: N Gilbert

(The Examiner) - A young man with a criminal history has admitted to a vicious crime against a dog in Spartanburg County, S.C.

According to Friday's WYFF News, after responding to a tip about possible animal cruelty, Environmental Enforcement officers interviewed Jonathon Meldzuk, who confessed to a particularly brutal, senseless crime.

Meldzuk gave authorities a written confession detailing how he took a young, female Labrador retriever into his house and beat her in the head with a hammer until she died.

Specifically, he confessed to:

“violently repeatedly striking the dog’s head and then holding the body still until it stopped spasming (sic).”

He then dumped the dog's body in a creek.

According to Meldzuk's sister, Jacquelyne Meldzuk, the dog was a rescue who she had brought home.

Jonathon's family acknowledges that he has problems, and his history shows that he is prone to violent activities.

Not long ago, he was jailed for attempting to set fire to an elderly woman's home.

An incident report indicates that Meldzuk is becoming increasingly violent and has indicated a desire to kill.

Right now, he is being held at the Spartanburg County Detention Center, where a charge of ill treatment of animals has just been added to his list of wrongdoings.

His sister indicated to WYFF 4 News that he needs help, stating:

“Not everybody comes from a good home. Everybody's broken in their own way, and something inside of him broken. Instead of him being ignored, or singled out as a number, as a prison number or somebody that just needs help. Actually get in there and figure out what's going on."


Our thoughts:

Wow really? So then, to his sister, if every person that is ever abused when they are young, sexually molested, beaten, raped, etc....I guess that gives that person the right to hurt someone else or in this case, this poor innocent HELPLESS dog. Seems like the sister needs help too because the girl is in some SERIOUS denial here! As for the psychopathic fool that committed this crime, I hope he gets EVERY bad and rotten thing coming to him and worse! It's people like this who society feels sorry for because they had a bad childhood and what not and then they continue to get away with this, ONLY because it was done to an animal. I'm sorry but, according to the Bible, ANIMALS WERE HERE FIRST. Therefore, we should respect them regardless. They feel, hurt, love, etc. I don't care who you are or where you came from or what has happened to you, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE behavior. I see someone doing this to ANY animal, lookout because you won't know what's hit you! This guy, to put it bluntly, needs to be put down. He doesn't deserve to walk this planet, even in prison.
RIP to the poor baby who suffered this heinous act ♥


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