Thursday, January 3, 2013

Herbie Update 1/3/13!

Herbie the abused Pit Bull from Lorain gets a surprise visit!

By: N Gilbert

 Via Lorain Animal Clinic:
Update 1/03/13: Herbie had a very special visitor today. Dick Goddard came to visit! Watch him on Fox 8 News! Dick Goddard brought him Frosty Paws ice cream, dog treats and a doggie bed. Herbie got lots of love today! ♥

 Via Doc Rick Broz:
1-2-2013: stopped in to see the Herbster. He was resting, having already had breakfast and a walk outside. No real change in his condition, just slowly getting stronger. There are no plans to euthanize him, nor any current plans for further treatment other than getting him stronger. Though his cancer is un-treatable, he could live quite a long time before it causes him trouble. So that's where we stand today. Oh, yeah, he likes McDonald's sausage biscuits.

Lorain Animal Clinic

Doc Rick Broz

Justice For Herbie FB Page

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