Monday, December 17, 2012

Herbie Update

Emaciated Pit Bull Named Herbie, Recovering Well!

By: N Gilbert

As per our Facebook post, here is our update on Herbie! :)

Via Doc Rick Broz:

12-17-2012: Herbie update. He was up several times today before I got there to see him. He was tired but we got him up and weighed him...49.6 lbs I think Dr. Woods said. The weight gain has slowed but that is to be expected as he exercises more and burns calories. He walks with his head down so he appears to be manuvering more by smell then sight. Wednesday, he will be seen by a specialist to see if the cataract on his left eye can be removed to restore his sight. His right eye appears to be useless. He seems to getting a little more energy in his walking when he's not too tired. A "prance" as Ashley described it. He is also becoming a "con man", playing on our sympathies to get a little extra belly rub or ear scratch !! ♥

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