Saturday, June 27, 2015

Help Find Lulu!

Dog with recently amputated leg slips lead at vet clinic and disappears

Posted by: N Gilbert

Lulu ♥

A dog owner is frantic to find her missing dog, "Lulu," who slipped her lead on June 19 while being cared for at a veterinary clinic Abbeville, South Carolina. Lulu recently had one of her legs amputated and she was at the veterinary hospital receiving care for a post-operative complication.

Lulu's owner, Renee, told the National Dog News Examiner, "the vet was around an hour from our house .. I got the call around 9:32 am that she " slipped her lead" and try couldn't find her ... Could you please help get her story out to be seen?"

Lulu still has a drainage tube near the surgical site and she was started on antibiotics the day before she ran off. Without question, Lulu is terrified and she is also in need of veterinary care. Please take a moment to share Lulu's photo. She has been spotted several times, but nobody has been able to secure her.

Lulu's information is being networked on this Facebook page.

"On Friday, June 19th, Lulu got loose at the vets office in Abbeville, SC. Due to a severe injury Lulu had just had her leg amputated, which is very serious surgery and she has a LARGE, FRESH WOUND. Lulu has been loose in rural South Carolina for 8 DAYS. She has no shelter, no food, no water, it is very hot and humid, she has not learned to walk well on 3 legs, she is traumatized from extremely difficult surgery, she needs medicine, she needs IV fluids, she needs her large wound cleaned…she is in SERIOUS DANGER out there. Lulu was spotted several times but has not been spotted in 3 days. She is afraid to be approached and bolts. Her owner, Renee, has tried everything to find her. In desperation Renee needs to hire a professional tracker. PLEASE, PLEASE open your heart and donate to this fund to hire a tracker. Lulu will perish in the wilds of South Carolina without your help."

This is what Lulu's leg now looks like.

Anyone who has spotted Lulu is asked to call: 864-377-4164 or 864-446-8500.

Visit Lulu's Facebook page:

You can also donate to Lulu's Tracker fund by visiting her YouCaring page or by donating via her widget. ♥

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