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Pets In Need of Adopting! - Zeak -

Pets In Need of Adopting! - Zeak -

Posted by: N Gilbert

Little Zeak ♥

As of 5/21/2015 per the Bella Moochie page:
 SAFE IN FOSTER CARE FOR THE SHELTER! (We have Zeak in a foster home for the duration until Misty is ready to go up for adoption with him. Then, we will adopt them together!! Zeak was neutered today and he is all set!! Yay!!)

“Zeak” – Terrier/Chihuahua male Mix (young) - 69503 / R195052

Zeak is a little cutie. He is a bit overwhelmed being here tho’. He will need lots of TLC and patience to let know him he is loved. He was brought here by previous owner because they just couldn’t afford to take care of him anymore. They told us he is (partially) housebroken, okay with kids that are good with dogs. They said he was a bottle baby & is very loving, caring and adaptable.

Just a baby ♥
Zeak is 10 months old & he weighs 10.2 lbs.

Zeak is good w/other dogs, up to date on shots, de-wormed and he will be neutered prior to his adoption.

Intake: 5/15/15
Avail to adopt:: 5/15/15

POTENTIAL ADOPTERS: Please contact the front desk at the shelter. Their phone number is 951-654-8002 ext. 4. Please have the animal description and identification number(s) available.

Such a sweet little boy ♥

RESCUES: Please contact Jose Adrian Farias, the Rescue Coordinator at Ramona Humane Society, via telephone at (951) 654-8002 ext. 224 or (951) 260-7204. You can also email Jose. His email address is

PULLERS: Rescue authorizes puller – Identification is required for release.

RAMONA HUMANE SOCIETY IS LOCATED IN SAN JACINTO, CA. Their address is 690 Humane Way, San Jacinto, CA 92582.

Zeak's Facebook Thread:

Bella Moochie Facebook Page:

Ramona Humane Society:

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