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Abandoned Dog

Dog abandoned by family and thrown into dumpster with dog bed

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Dog abandoned by family :(

It was a heartbreaking scene. Someone saw a family dog being abandoned behind a Goodwill store in Atlanta, Georgia. The dog was thrown into a dumpster with his dog bed and left behind. Even worse, the eyewitness is said to have seen two children crying in the car, watching as their pet was discarded! 

Emmett was dumped into a garbage bin by his family

The 3-year-old Pit Bull, dubbed Broham, when he was first rescued, was rescued from inside the dumpster by Fulton County Animal Services, who took him to the shelter.

“Someone spotted the person who dumped him, and there were two kids crying in the car! Heartbreaking,” Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue posted on Facebook. “[Broham] has lived with kids before and at the shelter he tries to play with the other dogs through the fence.”

Two Tailz K9 ResQ pulled Broham from the shelter and renamed him Emmett.

Freedom ride!

“On his Freedom Ride, Emmett was very uncertain and unsure at first.....BUT's like he knew he was SAFE!!!” Two Tailz described.

The resilient dog was taken to their rescue on April 14 and Two Tailz detailed what will happen next.

“He is evidence in the case that the authorities are pursuing to find the people who dumped him in the dumpster with his dog bed behind a shopping center in Atlanta, GA. They are actively and aggressively pursing some leads in this case,” Two Tailz explained on Facebook. “Until the investigation is complete, we cannot get him neutered or microchipped...we cannot do anything that permanently alters him.”

In the meantime, Emmett was fully vetted and his health appears OK except for a hurt front paw. “From first assessment, the vet believes this is an old injury that never received medical attention, tried to heal, and ultimately, atrophied,” they said.


The rescue was looking for a local foster family when they last updated everyone on his progress. A $2500 reward is being offered for any information that can help authorities locate whomever abandoned Emmett.

Emmett will likely be made available for adoption in the future once the criminal investigation has concluded and authorities say it is okay.

Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue:

Two Tailz K9 ResQ:

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