Monday, April 20, 2015

Asher Making A Difference

Making A Difference: Abused Pit Bull Gets Chance To Change The Lives Of Others

Posted by: O Jefferson

Asher Will Help Those With PTSD

A Pit Bull found badly abused and left for dead is now getting a second chance.

Not only is Asher getting a new chance, he's also helping give others a new "leash" on life.

Asher has made a lot of progress over three months. Just barely a year old, it's hard to believe the sweet pup was found left for dead on railroad tracks in Jessamine County with two gunshot wounds.


The animal shelter took him in and thankfully he's now fully healed.

The Lexington Pit Crew foster program has been caring for him for several weeks. They say Asher's unusually calm and focused demeanor caught the attention of the service-dog training group, Pawsibilities Unleashed.

In a few weeks, Asher will begin training to become a service dog for people suffering from PTSD.

"Asher can kind of relate to what it's like being left and not really having much hope. To now becoming someone's hero," says Shannon Smith, of Lexington Pit Crew.

Asher's companion has already been selected. He's going to be the companion of a victim of sexual assault.

A dog once comforted by strangers in his time of need will now be a comfort someone who needs him.

If you would like to donate to or volunteer with the Lexington Pit Crew, you can do so by clicking here:

If you want to learn more about supporting Pawsibilities Unleashed, the service organization Asher will be a part of, you can do so by clicking here:


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