Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Dangers of 'Assuming' a Dog is Safe

Tragedy at Baldwin Park Shelter

Posted by: O Jefferson

Chrystal ID #A4614903

The following is VERY IMPORTANT INFO as to why you should NOT stop sharing these dogs just because someone "says" they're safe. Confirm that with the actual shelter on the thread or get up and call the shelter yourself to confirm. Don't sit back and wait to hear because often times they are too buys to check their posts on FB and the threads clog up with other comments and it will get overlooked.

Via Baldwin Park Shelter:

Two days ago we put up an urgent plea for Chrystal, A4614903, an amazingly sweet 2 year old female Boxer who has kennel cough. Someone on Facebook using the name 'Destiny Reed' claimed in posts on this and a website called 'Pet Pardons' that she was on the way to the Baldwin Park Shelter to adopt Chrystal - and then a few hours later through her friends announced that she had adopted her and would soon be posting pictures of a happy Chrystal. Tragically the problem is Chrystal was not adopted, and people who wanted to help save her, stopped working on her based on the Destiny Reed's posts. No one came forward until it was too late and Chrystal was euthanized. Please let's not let this tragedy happen again. The Friends of the Baldwin Park want our friends and followers to beware that a dog is not to be considered adopted or rescued until you see either an announcement here, or if the dog is removed from the County's web site, www, Let someone else judge Destiny Reed ... we are too sad to waste any vitriol on her.

A4614903 Chrystal R.I.P.  ♥

Chrystal was a robust two year old brown and white female Boxer mix who was found in El Monte on August 3rd and brought to the Baldwin Park Shelter. Weighing seventy pounds, Chrystal had some training - she walked well on leash, sat on command and was probably housebroken. She was kissy and affectionate with people and we thought she would have been a marvelous playmate for big, active children; and she would have been happiest as an only dog. She was a loyal, powerful medium energy dog. Chrystal would have been the perfect indoor pet for a family living in a private home - however sadly Chrystal came down with kennel cough and we were forced to put a plea out for her rescue. A woman named Destiny Reed posted all over the internet that she had rescued the dog - and everyone assumed she was telling the truth. Unfortunately Destiny lied - and Chrystal died. Please do not believe a dog is rescued from the Baldwin Park Shelter until you have received confirmation from seeing the dog's picture in our adopted and rescued or have called the shelter to confirm. This tragedy could have been so easily prevented.

To watch a video of Chrystal please click here:


FYI: When you see this person DESTINY REED commenting on how she saved a dog and what not,
DO NOT believe her. Report and block her immediately!!!
View her FB profile here:

RIP Chrystal. Always loved and NEVER forgotten! ♥♥

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