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Frodo Update 7/5/13

Duct taped, abused dog sign of bigger problem

Posted by: O Jefferson

Frodo's teeth were dislodged and his mouth had to be re-attached.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was a horrific sight: A dog, with its mouth duct taped, chained to a fence and left for dead. Now, a $5,000 reward is being offered to find the person responsible.

Animal activists believe it's a sign of a much bigger problem. Unlike officials, they're not holding back, and said bite marks found on the dog are a sign of dog fighting.

The dog now, known as Frodo, is resting comfortably thanks to doctors and staff at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners and The Arrow Fund. "It's one of the worst cases I've seen," said The Arrow Fund's Rebecca Eaves.

Rebecca Eaves with Frodo.
Tuesday, a passerby in the 2600 block of West Kentucky Street called authorities after spotting Frodo left for dead and chained to a fence, his mouth duct taped. Louisville Metro Animal Services Assistant Director of Operations Donald Robinson said of the dog, "It was found with multiple injuries."

Frodo's face and body are full of new cuts, old scars and puncture wounds, obvious bite marks.

An Animal Control Officer told Robinson the frightened and frail male pit bull mix had no aggression when he was discovered.

Eaves said every ounce of fight had been taken out of him. "All indications are he's been thrown into a fight ring." A situation so violent, Frodo's teeth were dislodged and his mouth had to be re-attached and each injury is documented for court. An injury to one of Frodo's back legs was so bad, it will have to be amputated.

"Dog fighting is so rampant and people think it's not here, but it is here," Eaves explained, "It's a disturbing reality that humans can be so violent, and who knows what other abuses or crimes they're committing"

While LMAS won't officially say this dog is a victim of a fighting ring, they are pleading for help in the case, "We're just going to have to really solicit the citizens of Louisville to just step up and please give us some tips," Robinson said.

With the severity of the crime there's a substantial reward - $5000 dollars from the Humane Society of the United States. Robinson said of the reward, "We want whoever is responsible for this particular heinous act and we want to make sure they're convicted."

"Turn these people in," Eaves pleaded with the community, "You need to be brave and take a stance because we're not safe on the streets with them out there doing this."

Frodo will stay at Blue Pearl. He has more surgeries ahead donated by The Arrow Fund,  Someone who's experienced with caring for abused animals will eventually take the dog home.

Anonymous tips can be made to Metro Animal Services at (502) 363-6609.


Via The Arrow Fund's Facebook Page--

"Frodo" is the dog that was chained to a fence with his muzzle duct taped .He has numerous bite wounds and other serious injuries. Just got the call and "Frodo" is out of surgery and waking up. He is on IV Pain meds and IV antibiotics and fluids and is resting well. Please keep him in your prayers. This picture was taken last night - so it is before surgery. I will have post op pictures tomorrow and updates. If you are able to donate please go or checks may be sent to The Arrow Fund P.O. Box 1127 Prospect, Kentucky 40059 - A huge thank you to all of you that have come to love this boy.... he has seen so much evil in his lifetime. It is now time for the good life to begin for our "Frodo!" Rebecca~The Arrow Fund


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