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Abuse in Polk County

Abuse in Polk County, FL

Posted by: O Jefferson

Freedom, the horribly abused Min Pin.

Via Canine Estates, Inc. --

Canine Estates has an emergency situation. We have contacted news media and Action News 9 will be there. If you know of any other news media to cover this story please let us know.
We were contacted by Polk County animal control for help. The following is a direct quote " In my 8 years of working here she is the skinniest dog that I have ever seen, she looks horrible. She is very sweet" She was picked up as a stray but we know who the owners are and they are being charged with animal cruelty. Below is a list of her medical problems. She needs immediate medical attention and will be going straight to Blue Pearl. She weights 6.1 lbs, she is 8 years old, heartworm negative, hookworms, hair loss, severe dry eye, severe cornea ulcers in both eyes(she is unable to see), no muscle mass at all. she is literally skin overtop of a skeleton, decubitus ulcers of all 4 feet, both front wrists, and both ankles and hips, she had a glucose reading of 583, she is diabetic. She has been given fluids and is on her way to Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital.


I know this photo is hard to look at but she is currently receiving care. We nee your help with donations! She will be in critical care for a week or more and it has already started adding up! Please please please help by donating at we really need the help for this little girl! Donate now for Freedom the 4th of July miracle!

xoxo Canine Estates, Inc. Furkids!!!

Via WTSP --

Tampa, Florida -- A severely neglected dog is being treated by doctors at BluePearl Veterinary Partners here after being brought in by Canine Estates rescue group Wednesday.

The approximately, 8-year-old, female miniature pincher was found by Polk County Animal Services last week and turned over to the rescue group.

On Thursday, vets reported the dog, Canine Estates named "Freedom" in honor of the upcoming holiday, is currently on IV treatment and did eat a little but is receiving IV supplements to help with lack of food consumption.

Sadly, they say it appears Freedom's left eye may be ruptured and she was scheduled to see an eye specialist Thursday morning. Vets have also started her on topical antibiotics to help fight any infections.

BluePearl, who is now bringing Freedom back to health, is requesting donations from the public to assist with paying for her care.

"Since coming on-board with Canine Estates, this is the worst case I've seen personally," said Alexis Campbell, a volunteer with Canine Estates. "Any help from the public would be greatly appreciated."

Anyone wishing to donate, should visit or contact the organization at 727-483-1289 or 727-422-3037.

For complete info on Freedom's story/updates and her care, please make sure to visit Canine Estates Inc. at the following links:

Facebook -

Website -

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