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Happy Homer

Homer - from stray to popular Facebook pup!

Posted by: N Gilbert

Homer - as a stray

Everyone remembers Homer I'm sure, but if not let me tell you a bit about this happy old man...

In the late summer of 2012, I was networking the dogs in need on GLD's Facebook page. I came across this sad looking fellow (pictured left). He was listed at a near by Los Angeles, CA animal shelter. Listed as a stray, senior Golden Retriever/Chow mix. The look on his face just made me cry. So sad. So defeated. So unwanted. So we thought...

Getting some attention 

So I networked and network and networked this dog like crazy. Posted him not only to GLD's page, but to groups, rescue's, and mutual animal friends' Facebook walls. Then some good news was stated, "Homer was SAFE!" Now in the animal advocacy world, there is one word that makes us all ecstatic. SAFE! I did a sigh of relief and thought oh thank you Lord, this old boy will finally know what love is and not be stuck on the streets or in a cold, muggy shelter.

Then, the next day I logged onto my computer and was told that there was an error. HOMER WAS NOT SAFE and STILL LISTED at the shelter. Immediately I went into panic mode as the shelter stated that he didn't have much time left. I personally called the shelter he was at, gave them his intake ID number, and they said he was still there and in fact was due to be put to sleep in the near future. So I scrambled and scrambled and got him networked again. This time, posting him on my own personal Facebook page as well as other places. About 2 to 3 days later, the wonderful Leave No Paws Behind Inc. rescue posted on their page that they would be rescuing Homer in the morning and he would be safe. I did another sigh of relief. Knowing that LNPB is such a wonderful organization, I trusted them wholeheartedly. But for my own peace of mind, I decided to call the shelter once again, this time getting a bit stern with them and telling them that LNPB posted that they would be pulling him in the morning and NOT to euthanize him. I spoke to a gentleman there and he said, "Homer is still listed and hasn't been PTS yet."

All smiles!

The next morning before I went to work, I logged onto my computer quickly to make sure LNPB took Homer to safety. And sure enough, THEY DID! It was one of the happiest days of my life to see this old gentleman with people who would love and take care of him. Homer found a foster Dad soon after he was vetted and groomed. His foster Dad loved him so but due to being active in the military, he was unable to be with him all the time. So LNPB found temporary foster while his foster Dad was going to be away. This time, Homer had a foster Momma, Jody.

Jody took Homer in, fed him, and loved him just the way he should be. Shortly after Jody was fostering Homer, we all got informed that Homer has been officially adopted into his forever home. Guess who adopted him? His foster Momma! I was literally jumping up and down and saying YES when I heard this news. I was so happy for this old boy. In conversations I've had with Homer's now forever Momma, she had stated to me that just this, "I only temp fostered him because Erich had some military duty to fulfill around Thanksgiving, he was to go back to Erich, he was his foster Dad but after the week, I said I could keep him a little longer because I had already gotten attached but had just lost my sweet Stella and wasn't ready for another dog, she was a Boxer....Then Toby asked if I could just keep him through the Holidays, and one thing led to another, I said I'm just going to adopt him. Let's just face it, I suck at fostering, period!"

I chuckled when I heard this but my heart was so happy to hear this wonderful news! Homer has brought such happiness to people in their lives. Not only to those that rescued him and adopted him, but to those that don't even know him in person. It's those eyes! Those eyes of his are so loving. Homer is known for being a giant teddy bear and such a love bug. Thank you Leave No Paws Behind Inc., Erich, and of course Jody for taking this boy in and nurturing him. You all have my utmost respect! ♥

Some exciting news:
I will soon be meeting Homer in person in the near future, so stay tuned. I will take lots of pictures and will be posting them for you all to see. :)

Please make sure to stop by Homer's Facebook page and hitting that LIKE button!

Everybody LOVES Homer! - photo credit to Lisa Silver

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