Thursday, June 6, 2013

Considering Giving Up Your Pet to a Kill Shelter? READ THIS FIRST!

Dear Former Family, Your Dog Was Killed

Posted by: N Gilbert

Dear Former Family,

On this day in ____, Your Dog was killed by an employee of New York Animal (Care and) Control.

You dumped Your Dog because:
1. you suddenly realized that had no time for him/her anymore,
2. you had just had a new baby,
3. your landlord didn't like him/her,
4. you were moving to a new apartment/house the landlord of which didn't allow dogs,
5. Your Dog was too old/sick, and you couldn't afford the vet bills or to have him/her humanely euthanized,
6. some other random reason for which you claimed Your Dog had become an inconvenience for you.

You dumped Your Dog at a filthy, noisy, overcrowded pound, filled out the paperwork, turned around and walked out, never looking back, and continued to live your life like nothing unusual had ever happened that day.

Your Dog stayed behind. He received a new, computer-generated name, and an ID number, by which he/she was going to be known.
Your Dog was first seen by a vet - a quick visit that didn't take more than a few minutes.
Your Dog's temperament was later evaluated; if he/she didn't like being poked or having his/her food taken away by a plastic hand, he/she was deemed dangerous.
Your Dog was shoved in a metal cage on a wall of metal cages, surrounded by the smell and continuous barking of dogs he/she had never met.

Your Dog spent a few days there. If he/she was lucky, one of the volunteers took him/her out for a walk one evening. Your Dog really enjoyed finally being able to relieve himself/herself, being able to move around a little bit, feeling like he/she mattered.
Your Dog maybe thought that he/she was taken out because you were coming back to pick him/her up.
That, as we know, never happened.
Your Dog's face most likely never haunted you in your dreams. You kept going to work, tending to your new baby, decorating your house, having dinner parties with your friends.
You had probably thrown away Your Dog's leash and collar, doggie bowl and doggie bed, pretending that he/she never even existed.

A few days after you had dumped Your Dog, an A(C)C employee came to his/her cage.
Your Dog thought he/she was being taken on another, long-awaited walk.
But Your Dog was led down a corridor, into a small room.
Your Dog then instinctively knew that it wasn't going to be a happy walk. 
Your Dog was held down on a cold table.
Your Dog probably tried to fight. 
Your Dog was not sedated, there was no one there who would cry for him/her.
When Your Dog felt the needle strike, and the burning fluid quickly travel up his/her vein, he/she was wondering what he/she had done wrong.
If Your Dog was lucky, he/she died of a the man-created heart attack quite fast. If not, he/she suffered for several minutes.

When it was all over, Your Dog's body was shoved into a black plastic bag, and thrown into a freezer with several other dead bodies.
No one ever requested to have his/her ashes returned.
By then, no one even knew what his/her real name was.

Your Dog was killed because you failed. You failed as a compassionate human being.

I hope you are enjoying your new baby, your new home, your newly found freedom. 
This letter is a reminder that while you think life goes on after you throw Your Dog away like an old t-shirt you got tired of wearing, Your Dog never forgot you. Until the very last minute, he/she thought you would come back for him/her.

But you never did. And for that, somehow, some way, Karma will get you.

A Dog Person

Cassie (A907995) - Manhattan A(C)C - 1 year-old German Shepherd Mix
Owner surrender; reason stated: New Baby
Intake date: August 18, 2011
Day of death: August 30, 2011 

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