Monday, May 13, 2013

Rufus the Beagle: SAFE!

A happy ending for Rufus the Beagle!

Posted by: O Jefferson

It has been a long battle for Rufus, a beagle, and his family, following the dog's bite to a child, but that battle is now over reported Friday's Action News Jax.

Following a month-long fight to save Rufus' life, Orange County, Fla., Animal Services decided that the bite to Nikki West's four-year-old child, "Chaz," was not as severe as previously believed.

Based on that information, the decision was made to not only spare Rufus' life, but to allow him to return home to his family.

The one-year-old dog bit Chaz on the day that the beagle was celebrating his first birthday. West had given the dog a special soft food treat and the dog bit the boy's lip when he entered the kitchen where the beagle was eating.

Thousands of people took up the fight to save Rufus' life via a petition and a Facebook page to garner support; the family also utilized a lawyer to help.

Have a happy life Rufus! ♥

For more information, please visit the Save Rufus page on Facebook:


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