Sunday, May 26, 2013

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New Jersey 101.5 Slams Animal Advocates For Trying to Help Sammy!

Posted by: N Gilbert

So these so called radio hosts think that us animal advocates SHOULD NOT be fighting for them and we should be putting our priorities into things OTHER THAN abused animals.
Fact of the matter is, and we all know this, serial killers 99% of the time start out killing and abusing animals BEFORE they start hurting and killing children and adults. Do does Franco, Malloy, and Rossi think it's okay to condone what abusers do? Apparently so! They are continually making fun of us including Sammy the Cocker Spaniel, who was left to die in a garbage bag while his OBESE abusers continued to feed their fat stomachs! So if these hosts condone this behavior and activity, in my opinion, they are no different than the abusers doing to actual abuse. We can call them names and tell them we hope bad things happen to them, blah blah blah, BUT will that change their opinions of us? Probably not and in fact it will only make them feed into their ridiculousness even more. I say we ALL boycott the radio station, start petitions, contact the FCC and get them to either be taken completely off the air or be reprimanded for their actions. I have never listened to their garbage being that I'm not in their area. Please share this info and do your part in contacting the FCC about these sociopathic nuisances.

Update 5/27/13:
We have just been notified of the current sponsors of the New Jersey 101.5 Radio Show that has been slamming animal advocates and abused animals. If you notice any names enclosed that are incorrect, please let us know and we will gladly remove them. Also enclosed is a petition, a new FB page to boycott, as well as an event. Thanks!

Current Sponsors:

Brad Benson Hyundai ( Brad Benson is one of the highest paying sponsors)
Progressive Insurance
Heritage For The Blind
Matrix Correct
Saint Peters University Hospital
First Energy Park
Rosetta Stone
Cheeburger Cheeburger
NJ Broadcasters Association
Western Pests
Oceanfront Grand Hotel in Cape May
Deborah Heart & Lung Center
York by Johnson Controls
Big Brothers Big
Memorial Sloan-Kettering in Basking Ridge
Jiffy Lube
Spark Energy
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Red Cross
The Ad Council
Sears Roofing
Seize The
Tempur Pedic
Galaxy Toyota in Eatontown
Camel Beach Mountain Waterpark in Pennsylvania
NJ American Water
Middlesex County College
Freehold KIA
Horizon NJ Health
NJ Charter School Association
Valley National Bank
John Loman - Loman Ford KIA
NJ Chamber Of Commerce
Purity Products
Provident Bank
Fullerton Fiat in Somerville
NJ Media
Fairway Markets
Roberts & Son Salvage


Event on FB:


FB Boycott NJ 101.5 Pages:

Facebook Page of the radio station:

Slanderous post made by the radio station on FB:

The FCC to make complaints:

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