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Sammy - the Cocker Spaniel with a HUGE will to live!

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New Jersey - Sammy is the abused Cocker Spaniel that was brought in by his owner in a garbage bag, severely abused, neglected and near death! The owner claimed he found the dog on the roadside! Sweet 13-year-old Sammy's remarkable recovery has captured our hearts.
Sammy's owners have been charged with multiple offenses and have hired an attorney and are pending hearings in both Ocean and Monmouth counties.

A dog that suffered years of neglect has been placed in a temporary home while his case goes to court, and is unlikely to be adopted with his former housemate.

Meanwhile, an online petition has garnered nearly 26,000 signatures and is calling on prosecutors to ask for the Brick couple accused of abusing the dog to be dealt the maximum sentence.

Keith Morgan, 56, and his wife, Shauna Ewing Morgan, 43, face multiple animal cruelty charges in Brick and Tinton Falls after bringing a dog into an animal shelter claiming he was found in a garbage bag on the side of the road. Authorities said the couple neglected the approximately 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel named Sammy over several years.

“We want some justice for this poor dog who has never been treated with any kindness or love, by the condition of this poor little guy it looks as if his whole life has been nothing but misery,” said the petition, which was started on in March by a member of the group Stop Cruelty to Animals Wild and Domestic. “Please hold these two up as an example to future offenders in Animal abused hope Animal Abuse Laws can change to be much tougher from this case.”

Keith Morgan was charged in Tinton Falls with animal cruelty by abandonment of a sick or maimed animal and filing a false report with law enforcement. He was also charged in Brick with interfering with an investigation and animal cruelty by failure to provide sustenance and causing unnecessary suffering.

Shauna Ewing Morgan was charged in Tinton Falls with animal cruelty by abandonment of a sick or maimed animal and in Brick with animal cruelty by failure to provide sustenance and causing unnecessary suffering.

Enlarge Ashley Peskoe,
Sammy took his first steps at the animal hospital this week.
Red Bank Veterinary Hospital taking care of Sammy gallery (13 photos)

The couple faces a maximum of six months in jail and $1,000 fine on each count. They are scheduled to appear in court May 6 in Brick and May 14 in Tinton Falls.

Both the Brick and Tinton Falls prosecutors said the cases are still early in the judicial process and it’s too early to comment on the outcome.

However, SPCA Chief Victor Amato said he is pushing for the maximum sentence for the Morgans.

“I appreciate the support [of the petitions], but obviously this case merits the maximum sentence if any case does,” Amato said. “We’re happy with the strength of the case and we’re very, very confident of it having a positive outcome.”

Sammy has gained international attention during his recovery process at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, and he was released to a foster home on Monday. According to updates on the animal hospital’s page, Sammy’s skin and ear infections are healed, he was recently able to be held by staff and he had time to interact with his former housemate, Ady, who was also turned over to the SPCA.

“We ended up in the best possible circumstances given the situation,” said Jerry Rosenthal, chief executive officer of the Monmouth County SPCA.

Amato said he saw Ady and Sammy being observed together on a few occasions.

“Both dogs are sweethearts. Actually it was kind of cute because obviously for the last year or so Sammy couldn’t even walk, so Ady was obviously excited the dog was even standing. But they recognized each other from scent,” Amato said. “It was really nice to watch.”

Rosenthal said the two dogs interacted before Sammy went to the foster home, but added they will be adopted separately because there was no evident attachment between them. The SPCA relied on the advice of the veterinarians to choose a home for Sammy.

“The person who is fostering Sammy until the court case is completed is someone who has extensive experience with Springer [Spaniels] and older dogs. We feel very confident in terms of the person to take care of Sammy for the rest of his life,” Rosenthal said.

Sammy cannot be in a permanent home until the court case is complete because he needs to remain in SPCA custody during the legal process. However, Rosenthal said they believe the person fostering him will eventually be his permanent caretaker.

“He’s an older dog who has been through a lot, and he’s going to require a lot of love and attention and understanding to care for him for the rest of his life. Medically he’s sound but he certainly suffers from what a lot of older dogs suffer from in terms of arthritis and other common ailments,” Rosenthal said.

A couple of candidates are also being evaluated for Ady, going through the normal adoption process which includes making sure she gets along with any other animals in the household.

“What happened to Sammy is not uncommon. It just happened to catch people’s interest and go viral, but unfortunately we deal with similar type cases all the time,” Rosenthal said.

“We’re happy that both Sammy and I think Ady will find their forever homes. But there are many other animals that, as a result of hoarding or animal cruelty cases, come into the shelter,” Rosenthal said.
Rosenthal said there are approximately 120 dogs and 275 cats are available for adoption at the county’s SPCA.

Rosenthal said anyone wishing to adopt could contact the county’s SPCA at 732-542-0040.

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