Monday, April 29, 2013

NYC to be sued for the death of beloved family pet

EXCLUSIVE: Couple whose dog was shot and killed by NYPD officer to sue the city

Posted by: N Gilbert

Patricia Ratz and Pat Guglielmo's pit bull, Baby Girl, died days after being shot in a park in Staten Island. Their lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and will be filed in Brooklyn Federal Court on Monday.

A cop killed their Baby Girl — and now they want her to pay.
The grieving owner of a 2-year-old pit bull mortally wounded by a cop’s bullet on Staten Island this month is suing the city as well as the cop who opened fire on the beloved pet.
The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, will be filed in Brooklyn Federal Court on Monday, said the attorney for Baby Girl’s owner, Patricia Ratz.

“Nobody’s doing well,” the attorney, Ronald Kuby, said of Ratz and her fiancé, Pat Guglielmo. “It was a horrible thing to endure.”
Ratz had taken the doomed dog and two other pit bulls for a walk through Schmul Park on April 6 when the other two dogs — Bo and Missy — started snapping at each other.
One of the dogs bit Ratz when she tried to calm them down, she said.

A police officer in the Travis park fired upward of 10 shots at the dogs, shooting Baby Girl in the back as the canine ran off, the lawsuit states.
Baby Girl died five days later.
Police say the cop, who is still on active duty, fired seven times when the dog charged her.
Kuby hopes that the suit will spark a change in how the police interact with dogs.“We are seeking to fundamentally change the way the NYPD deals with pets,” he said.
“When a dog is fleeing the scene, it’s because the doggie is afraid, not because the dog is concerned about getting arrested. That’s the reason people flee, not doggies.”
Police stand by their account of the shooting, which is under investigation.

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