Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hammer Beatings!

Man Accused Of Beating Dog With Hammer, Stabbing Another 7 Times!!! 

Posted by: O Jefferson

HILLIARD, Ohio - Two dogs that were severely beaten and stabbed are now recovering at the Capital Area Humane Society. The recovery could take months.

Columbus firefighters discovered Lily and Mo, after they said a fire was intentionally set in the apartment where their owner had been living.

“During the course of a fire investigation, (Lily) was found in a closet inside a wire cage, with a head wound and a hammer laying next to the cage,” said Kerry Manion, CAHS Chief Humane Agent.

Humane society agents believe the fire was set in an attempt to hide the abuse.

Lily had been beaten with a hammer. Mo was found the next day with seven stab wounds to the chest.

The man charged with these crimes is 23-year-old Josh Payton. Agents said he is a roommate of the dogs' owner.

Neighbors said Payton has not returned to the apartment where he lived since the night of the fire. Humane agents said he offered no explanation or apology.

“There was no response when we served him with the papers. There was no response, no remorse at that time,” said Manion.

Humane agents said the dogs' rightful owner was out of state when the abuse occurred, but has signed over custody to their agency.

They say it will take months for the dogs to heal both physically and emotionally, but said the prognosis for Lily and Mo is good, considering what they've been through.

“And it's just sad that it should occur to this violent extreme, most people don't think of animal cruelty being a violent offense, and this is an apparent case that it does happen, that it does happen in our community,” added Manion.

According to police documents, Payton reportedly told authorities "bad people do bad things sometimes."

OHIO ACTIVISTS. Please attend this court hearing if possible. This abuser is being charged with 2 misdemeanors for these crimes. His arraignment is scheduled for 3/20/13 @ 9:00am, Franklin County Municipal Courty, 375 South High St., Columbus, OH, Judge Aren , room 15c. Case # 2013 ER B 0703


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