Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Caisen Green Obtains A Lawyer

Oklahoma teen who posted photo of dead pit bull to Facebook, lawyers up.

Posted by: N Gilbert

"Caisen Green, the 18-year-old Cherokee County, Okla., teen who allegedly killed a pit bull and then boasted about it on Facebook, has obtained a lawyer."

"According to Monday's KJRH News, Green's family hired a lawyer after the Facebook photo, including Green's comments, "For all you pit lovers out there. Here's what happens when one shows up around my house," went viral.

Following the bold statement and disturbing photo, Green became the target of a police investigation, and he received multiple death threats.

The teen's father claims that the dog was shot by Caisen in an effort to "protect his younger siblings."

Phone calls demanding an investigation poured in to Cherokee County Undersheriff J.C. Chennault after the photo began circulating online.

Chennault may file animal cruelty charges against Green, but he will be meeting with the family, and the lawyer, on Tuesday, first. Green may be able to avoid any charges if he can convince the authorities that the dog posed a threat to either Green's family, or their livestock.

The dog's body was burned after the photo was taken, and according to the sheriff, it will not be recovered."

Our Thoughts:
Naturally the parents are going to claim that the dog was shot in order to protect the younger sibling. That's a cop out excuse. If that was the case, then WHY ON EARTH did this little piece of scum post it to Facebook with such a heartless title? Figure it out people, this kid (whom we stand corrected is NOT a minor) has the mindset of a sociopath and the beginnings of a serial killer. Killing ANY animal to protect yourself or a loved one is one thing, but to brag about it in such a disgusting way, I'm sorry, I don't buy it. He's not sorry for what he did and could care less the dog is dead and that someone has lost a furry family member. You wanted attention Mr. Green, you've got it now, and I assure you, in the animal advocacy world, the attention IS NOT good!

Article Credits: http://www.examiner.com/article/oklahoma-teen-who-posted-photo-of-dead-pit-bull-to-facebook-lawyers-up

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  1. I am a child's advocate first a dog trainer second.. Here is my FB page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mans-Best-Friend-Dog-Training/278748735469945?bookmark_t=page this teen age kid he shot a defenseless dog out of pure spit just to shot the dog and have something to brag about as we have all seen on FB.. He did not say he had to shoot the dog because it was a threat to him.. He stood there trying to look all bad when he really made himself look like a idiot.. WOW your the man.. You shot a helpless dog then bragged about it.. Now you want to say the dog was a threat to you.. That you scared one away and had to shoot the other.. Your nothing boy and now your begging to do community service.. If a dog was to attack a human and the human was to die or survive the dog would be put to death for sure.. You are so lucky I am not the judge.. You would get the maximum penalty that I could give you.. I think the news reporter said 10 years in prison.. If you only get community service I have to wonder what this world is coming to.. My prayers are to the people who lost that helpless dog not you green.. I look down on you.. Your not worth the dirt I walk on every day..


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