Monday, January 14, 2013

Herbie Update 1.14.13

Today's Herbie Update via Officer Broz

By: N Gilbert

Herbie Update 1.14.13

Via Doc Rick Broz:
"1-14-2013 Herbie update. Herbie was sleeping when I got there and he didn't seem to want to get up but he seemed to enjoy company and petting and a hug when he finally got up. I took him for a nice walk and once he felt the grass under his feet he just took off. We walked for about 5 minutes before he started getting tired. Oh by the way, his digestive system is still working very well. I had to carry him back in and my back confirms his substantial weight gain since our first meeting. The fluid still builds up under his scalp and has to be drained every couple days. Dr. Woods is leaving the incision open for continuous drainage which is the blood you see on top of his head. I cleaned it up some after our walk. After I put him back in his kennel he didn't seem to want me to leave so I stayed for a while more as he kept stretching towards me for more huggs and he nuzzled my face for the first time. So while weak he still is in good spirits. Pics were added to his album."

Lots of prayers still coming your way Herbie!!! Stay strong and we love you!! ♥ ♥

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