Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dog Owner Jailed For Neglect!

Dog owner jailed after admitting not feeding starving pet for weeks.

By: N Gilbert

Kent, England, UK.

A Kent man has been jailed for 12 weeks after admitting not feeding his Staffordshire bull terrier for weeks.

Builder Shane Spearpoint, of Burritt Mews, Rochester, was also banned for life from keeping animals when the RSPCA inspector arrived at his house in July and found two-year-old Alfie lying lifeless.

RSPCA inspector Ray Bailey said: “I have been an inspector for 17 years and I have never seen anything as bad as this. This poor dog was collapsed, barely conscious and completely emaciated – just lying in the corner of the room.”

Inspector Bailey scooped up the skeletal Alfie and took him straight to a vet who told the inspector that he would have no chance of survival and he was put to sleep to end his suffering.

Inspector Bailey said: “Even experienced veterinary staff were moved to tears when they saw Alfie.”

Alfie weighed just eight kilos – a male Staffordshire bull terrier should weigh around 18 kilos.

A post mortem revealed that Alfie had a lamb bone stuck in his throat, probably as a result of scavenging for food.

In interview Spearpoint, who was living in Corporation Road, Gillingham, said that he had not fed Alfie for weeks as he felt that the dog belonged to his ex girlfriend who had moved out. He had been feeding his other dog though, while leaving Alfie to slowly starve.

Spearpoint was also ordered to pay £1,455 in costs.

RIP Alfie. I'm so sorry that your "owner" was a piece of trash who didn't deserve you! We love you! Always loved and NEVER forgotten!

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