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Scam Alert! Beware!

Posted by: O Jefferson

Updated on April 15, 2015

Petition & Fundraiser are a SCAM, proceed with caution

Greetings everyone!
I just wanted to inform you all of a scam that is going around right now in the form of a Go Fund Me fundraiser and a petition. The campaign organizer is a convicted felon and a fraud who is deceiving the public. There is no legal defense for the dogs that he's claiming need it.

Comments from The Lexus Project about this.
The Lexus Project declined to help him due to his deceptions. He has already gained over $3500.00 from unsuspecting people thinking that they are donating to a good cause. When people who personally know him started commenting on the YouCaring fundraiser, he took the fundraiser down, collected the money, and started a new one from Go Fund Me. He already has over $1500.00 on the new fundraiser and his goal is to gain $5000.00 now. Once that goal has been met, will he then up the amount to $10,000.00? We have many screenshots given to us by others who have commented and their comments were deleted. However, he leaves up comments that are in his favor. The Lexus Project told him that he was too late in trying to appeal the judge's orders. If you care so much about your dogs, why wouldn't you appeal immediately?

One of the many "updates" from the organizer that
 was deleted.
He has changed his story on Change & GoFundMe well over 20 times (screenshots have been taken of those too). First, he calls the judge out saying he wants his dogs dead. Then he says he needs money to get them out of the shelter. Then he says that the dogs are not his, but are in fact his mother's but yet he keeps putting himself in this. Then he says that he was going to court to appeal the case and for people to pray for him (when in fact, his hearing on April 13, 2015 was for contempt of court because he and his mother hid the dogs). So which one is it? There is absolutely ZERO credibility in this person. He is now claiming that he has 3 pro bono attorneys however is still needing more money. For what? WHERE is this money going exactly? Sure is funny too that his Go Fund Me was started the day AFTER they failed to appear in court. Hmm...

Screenshot of commenters calling out the organizer.

Many of the commenters know the organizer personally and when calling him out on the truth, he lies and then deletes their comments so that his "supporters" and innocent people who visit the page, will think they are donating to a good cause. We have every screenshot of these comments (not all have been pictured here as there are so many of them) as well as the ones that he has conveniently deleted. 

Screenshot of commenters calling out the organizer.
Screenshot of commenters calling out the organizer.

A previous "supporter" who realized how these people are.

Some of the previous supporters who have even signed the petition, have gotten wind of the articles, and are now seeing the true colors.

A former neighbor who witnessed many things.

Even the organizer's neighbors have commented attempting to get the truth to be told, and all they get is back-lashings from the organizer with terrible things said to them.

The organizer himself spouting mean words
after professing to be a Christian.

When confronted with the truth, the organizer lashes out with irrational behavior calling commenters mean things and saying they have "no life." For someone who is needing "help," he certainly is angry. Where's the humility?

Another "update" asking for even more money now.

The latest update states that he has 3 pro bono attorneys however is STILL needing thousands of dollars. For what?

Below, you will also find the latest news articles from The Police Reporter and the Courier showing just what exactly he has done. A YouTube video is also enclosed, and in that you can see that there is absolutely no remorse for anything. Also enclosed are the petition link and the fundraiser link below so that you can be aware. Just for clarification, this is not a smear campaign I am starting here. However, the purpose of this post is only to try and stop this person from scamming people out of their hard earned money.

The organizer speaking to an
anonymous person who called him out.

The organizer professes to be a Christian, yet his actions DO NOT show that. He cries "slander" and "character assassination" when people call him out, however you can see just how he speaks to others in private messages and on his Facebook wall. This is really how he speaks to people when he is caught in his lies. Very vicious and irate behavior.

The organizer now using his "Christianity"
referring to the same person as shown
in the screenshot to the right
(who will remain anonymous).

This was given to us by another anonymous
person who the organizer said horrible things to
publicly on his Facebook. But he's a Christian?

Here is another example of just how the organizer is. He not only makes up ridiculous lies about people, he has a trash mouth to boot. He sure does come up with a lot of stories about people. This guy has been to court several times due to violent crimes and harassment, but then claims that he is the innocent victim. Narcissism at it's finest!

From the now non-exisitent
You Caring fundraiser.

Here is another screenshot given to us by an anonymous person. As you can see, we are not the only ones who can see through this guy. This particular one is from the YouCaring fundraiser that raised over $2000.00. That one was taken down when commenters were attempting to get the truth out and the organizer himself removed it and then started the new one from GoFundMe.

NOTE: We DO NOT want these dogs to be put to sleep. We want these dogs to be re-homed into a better environment and with people who are responsible pet parents. If in fact the judge orders these two dogs to be euthanized, just know that the blood of those two dogs is on the owners' hands. They allowed this to happen and did nothing about it. To Judge Mack, can you please spare these two dogs their lives and re-home them with more responsible people. If these dogs get to stay with these irresponsible owners, they will likely hurt something again, and then the Pit Bull haters will add more fuel to their fire.

All of the many "updates" posted by the organizer himself. Can you count how many times he's changed his "story?"

"Student loan money?"

Asking for money on Yahoo

And for further proof of how this guy is always trying to find the latest way to get money out of innocent people, here is another image that was given to us.

Email from the organizer with more lies

And here, you can see that he completely lied once again, this time saying he doesn't collect any money. - Highlighted text -

For more proof, even though this is irrelevant to his petition and fundraiser BUT shows his true character, here are articles of who he is:



  • Article from The Courier:

  • Article from the Police Reporter:

  • YouTube video (showing no remorse) WARNING - this is graphic:

  • Petition Link:

  • Fundraiser Link:

Again, DO NOT sign or donate. THIS IS A SCAM!

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  1. Regarding your public post on your Facebook Nathan White, I do not want nor need prayers from your god. My God is the creator of heaven and earth and knows the hearts of all mankind. You and the truth are strangers. Nothing that comes from your mouth is truthful about myself or my family. I have numerous emails from you threatening and harassing a member of my family. That person took you to court and was awarded a restraining order for you to stay away. You are TRYING to dupe the innocent public about myself and my family. Stop the finger pointing and story telling. It is my family that is of importance to you or you would not constantly be bringing our names into your falsehoods. Below are the symptoms of a disorder that in my opinion suits you to a tee!

    DSM-5 criteria for narcissistic personality disorder include these features:

    Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
    Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
    Exaggerating your achievements and talents
    Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
    Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
    Requiring constant admiration
    Having a sense of entitlement
    Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
    Taking advantage of others to get what you want
    Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
    Being envious of others and believing others envy you
    Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner


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